Demo Daze: How To Be More Effective In Presenting Your Demo

Nov 10, 2022, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

How To Be More Effective In Presenting Your Demo: Sales Strategy Series w/ Marc Kitz

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About this event

Introductory / demo calls are frequently squeezed into 30 minutes (or some similar compressed amount of time).

The primary goals of this type of call should be:

  • Get to know the client a little better (develop a bit of rapport)
  • Learn about their challenges, goals
  • Given that context, share enough about your solution to get them interested
  • Schedule next step

Accomplishing all of this in 30 minutes is challenging for an experienced salesperson…an even greater challenge for a startup CEO/Founder that does not come from a selling background. What I hear from some startup CEOs/Founders regarding these calls:

  • Spent the whole time talking about their solution
  • Need to better understand what is driving the client’s interest
  • Meeting ended and they are “chasing” the client for next steps
  • How to help startup CEOs/Founders improve results from these calls:
  • Do homework on the client contact and company BEFORE the call
  • Have a plan for:
    • Questions they want to ask
    • Questions they will be asked
    • How much info on their solution they want to share
    • Pausing the meeting toward the end to
      • Check in on how they are doing
      • Agree upon and schedule next steps

Discuss these strategies and more and get the support you need to make the sales leap in your startup ventures during this interactive workshop

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Thursday, November 10, 2022
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM UTC




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