Grow Faster and With Less Pain with Xavier Lederer (Ambrose Growth

Thu, Aug 26, 12:00 PM (EDT)

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Workshop led by Xavier Lederer of

Are you feeling frustrated by the way your company is growing? Are you constantly fighting fires instead of focusing on the key priorities that will grow your business? If, like many, you answer "yes" to these questions, welcome to the club. These issues are very common: every growing business runs into growth roadblocks. As it grows, your company needs different management approaches. When a company outgrows its management approach, painful growth roadblocks appear.

This 60-minute workshop will address the most common growth roadblocks. In order to tailor the content to the specific needs of the audience we need your help: your input will greatly help us better prepare the presentation. Please fill out this questionnaire beforehand:


  • Xavier Lederer

    Xavier Lederer

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    I work with growth-minded CEOs who are frustrated by the way their business is growing; often they lose sleep at night because they can’t focus on their most important priorities during the day. As a business growth coach my passion is to help mid-market companies adjust their management approach so that they can grow faster and with less pain – and hence create exciting opportunities for perso...

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