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Fri, Mar 22, 2019, 3:00 PM (EDT)

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StartupGrind Boston & Prepare 4 VC are hosting an online Pitch Competition. Startups will be judged on their idea, strategy and presentation. Represent your current or former school in the competition and compete with startups across the East Coast to be crowned the champion . Prizes include free coaching and fundraising support from Prepare 4 VC and social media featured campaigns from SG Boston 

Through this competition, we would like to facilitate knowledge exchange and the connection of Entrepreneurs in the area with some of the best schools in Entrepreneurship in the East Coast. It started as a freindly rivalry between Prepare 4 VC Director Abhi Singamsetti as an Alum of the College of William and Mary and Prepare 4 VC founder Jason Kraus (also StartupGrind Boston Director) as an Alum of Babson College to see which school can win the Startup Challenge. We have taken it a step further, inviting you to apply and represent any of your team's current or former schools to take home the top prize. We are in the process of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in the startups and students in the area through this challenge. We are looking forward to creating a network of entrepreneurial leaders to inspiring founders to build successful businesses by providing a networking opportunity and developing a culture of competition and collaboration.

The criteria for selecting the winner is on the idea, solution, and presentation regardless of business stage. The event will be held on the 22nd of March through a webinar event. We opened up the competition to the entrepreneurs in the area to give you an opportunity to find great talent, network with like-minded people, pitch to investors, and find a chance to meet strong connections along the way.




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Friday, Mar 22
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (EDT)

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