Reshaping the Fitness Industry with Robert Shapiro (SplitFit, BodyScapes)

Thursday, November 15, 2018, 12:30 – 2:30 AM UTC

Robert is a fitness industry veteran and founder of the boutique personal training and fitness studio BodyScapes with several locations around Boston. His newest venture, SplitFit, is making the personal training market more user-friendly and accesible, with an application to book a personal trainer at any participating gym with no commitment and split the cost with up to 3 other trainees.

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Co-Hosted by StartupGrind and Babson’s ETower and Blank Center:

Featured Speaker for Fireside Chat: Robert Shapiro

Bio: One2One BodyScapes and BodyScapes Fitness were born from a genuine desire to create fitness environments that focus exclusively on the client. As a personal trainer for many years, founder Robert Shapiro felt as though the philosophy and approach that many gyms and training facilities were taking was incongruous with creating a welcoming, approachable atmosphere of qualified and engaged trainers focused on the personal goals and fitness levels of clients.

The original One2One BodyScapes personal training gym was one of the very first exercise facilities in the country exclusively focused on personal training. In doing so, Rob and his team were able to truly focus on the needs and wants of each individual client, helping many satisfied clients set, achieve, and exceed their fitness goals. The size and culture of the studios encouraged trainers to share their expertise, creating a community between trainers and clients. This personal approach to fitness struck a chord with clients, prompting the opening of more One2One BodyScapes locations across New England.

In 2004, after seeing the success of the One2One philosophy in action and many happy and healthy clients later, the BodyScapes team decided it was time to open a full-service fitness center that operated under the same philosophy as One2One BodyScapes and bring the One2One philosophy to life on a larger scale that everyone could benefit from! Bodyscapes Fitness would present new challenges, but the determination to provide members with a unique and personalized experience that led Rob to open his first One2One location proved to be enough. The opening of full-service gyms in Brookline, MA in 2008, Hingham in 2009 and Longwood Medical District in 2010 followed on the early success of BodyScapes Fitness in Southborough, MA. Through franchise partners the network of One2One training and BodyScapes fitness facilities continues to expand. In 2014 the team opened their first Crossfit facility in Brookline, MA.

Currently, Robert is disrupting the Personal Training market with Boston-based startup company, SPLITFIT. SPLITFIT was co-founded by high school friends, after realizing that Personal Training has become unaffordable and inaccessible to the average person. With SPLITFIT, Personal Training is now available On Demand at Gyms & Studios near you at an affordable price. No gym memberships required.

Event Details:

Babson College in Winn Auditorium, Olin Hall

Parking available in designated visitor parking lots

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Thursday, November 15, 2018
12:30 AM – 2:30 AM UTC


12:30 AMDinner, networking, and sponsor intro
1:00 AMFireside Chat
2:00 AMNetworking and wrap-up