The Venture Forward Summit

Thu, Mar 24, 12:00 PM (EDT)

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The Venture Forward Summit powered by the Startup Oasis 

Brought to you by Prepare 4 VC, Startup Grind Boston and Boston New Technology

Brought to you by Prepare 4 VC, Startup Grind Boston and Boston New Technology, we have coordinated an unforgettable conference combining panels from web 3 and emerging tech to fundraising from the investors perspective, keynotes on the Essence of Entrepreneurship and creating a Founder centric universe, startup pitch stages, networking tables and interactive booths and workshops. Venture Forward!

The Startup Oasis powered by Prepare 4 VC

Built by serial entrepreneurs, investors & venture capital experts, the Prepare 4 VC Oasis is a living, breathing ecosystem - a circular economy of value created to help early stage entrepreneurs navigate the most difficult period of their startup lifecycle. The P4VC Community was created from a singular goal:

Build A Startup Oasis - a place of safe refuge, integral resources & diverse relationships capable of creating significant global connectivity & finely curated access to people, places & things - Of Purposeful Prosperity 

The Prepare 4 VC Oasis is the sum of all its parts, including a virtual Accelerator Program, a multitude of global conferences, live networking & pitch events, access to growth tools in personal wellness + professional skill development, critical business resource tools and communication pathways directly to investors, advisors, coaches, mentors and peers across a global stage.

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Breshna operates at the intersection of 3 exploding tech trends, No-code, video games and NFTs Breshna is a no code platform that empowers users to create purposeful NFT video games without writing a single line of code. Breshna changes how video games are created and used: On the “create” side, we are leveraging the no-code movement to empower a non-tech audience to create their own video games.

Virtual Sapiens

We have successfully built a beta product that provides each user with their very own in-call communication coach. It’s amazing for our team to see our product in the hands or early users, getting feedback that is both constructive, and positive. And most importantly, to hear of the increased awareness our Sidekick activates in our users from the get go.

Xena Intelligence

The most exciting aspect of my startup is the opportunity to see our small business clients discover new and sustainable sources of growth on ecommerce resulting in them providing employment to more people in the community. I think the true measure of impact is when everyone grows together.

Employers 4 Change

We conducted a skill study between interns and our employee customers in our MVP pilot. The results from the study validate that mid-senior level employees neuro learning skills and organizational processes and culture improved dramatically because of working with interns. It “rewired” the mindset of older experienced workers which resulted in improved ideation, creativity, and processes.


Our technology is proven across 27 regions nationwide showing that our operations replicate quickly. Our unit economics are well understood and we’re ready to scale revenues.


We have helped over 200 founders who identify as underrepresented create investor-ready pitch material, gain confidence in their presentations, and connect with a supportive network of peers.


The possibility of personal transformation while transforming an industry.

Goalden Hour

We have a HUGE vision: This isn’t just about helping people get fit, manage stress, or stay organized. We see an opportunity to radically alter the trajectory of humankind by helping people take small steps towards being healthier, more eco-conscious, and compassionate to one another.


We won a grant from Kevin O’Leary this past summer over 2,000 other companies!


Disrupting the digital couponing ecosystem used by over 145M Americans.


Lady Gaga wore our jewelry to the House of Gucci premiere, we told a 6 figure diamond and we had a double page spread in the FT How to Spend it magazine


Clients feedback have been the most exciting things as it helps validate our idea and makes us want to do more


Everyone of us has had our lives pushed further online and our need for greater privacy, safety and authenticity has never been more apparent. It would not surprise you to know that up to one in four profiles online are simply scam. It might surprise you to learn that Identity related crimes are responsible for an estimated $3T to consumers and businesses.

Fit Mama

Every single person I get the chance to speak to about what I’m building, they say “There is such a gap in the market for this! I wish I had this when I was postpartum!”

Innovative Wellness Systems

Lot’s of excitement in 2021 but a high point was when I was able to wear a prototype of the IWS WellSol® smart insole in my shoes, collect, and review the data on my movement from them. This was the moment that took us from idea to product.


The most exciting thing so far has been the positive response to the app itself. “I love the app, I drive for Uber in the evenings, and having a source for commercial free music is a godsend.” – Thomas S, Panama City, FL. Also our team enjoys working on the app. Our Android programmer has several subs working for him.


It will greatly improve the lives of up to one Billion incontinent women worldwide, restoring dignity and joy to their lives.


Onsite demonstration and request for solution to a remote problem for safety at a new mine in Northern Canada.


We secured our first paying customer and first mortgage lender partner before incorporating the company and now have homeowners from 14 states in our beta with virtually zero marketing.


Helping achieve Skill-Equity in a developed Nation


Culineer solves a major problem that prevents the changes consumers and farmers are seeking to implement. The most exciting thing is the overwhelming response from the farming and home cooking community.



Thursday, Mar 24
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM (EDT)

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