Why You Should grow Your Imposter Syndrome

Tue, Oct 4, 12:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Join Sebastian Koellner in a workshop debunking the myths of Imposter Syndrome by discussing the mindsets and strategies you need to make the most of any fear of success. 

Questions prior to the workshop (email jason.kraus@startupgrind.com with your response):

  • What would make this event most impactful for you?
  • If this workshop solved only one problem to take your business to the next level - what should it be?


About the Speaker

Sebastian Koellner

Helping coaches and entrepreneurs master their internal board of directors to increase impact and income with the tools they already have.

Supporting driven achievers in taking charge of their internal Board of Directors - to access peak performance, peace of mind and improve all major relationships in your life.

What is holding you back from creating the impact and income you truly want in your business and your life?


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