AWS Mentorship Month

Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 4:00 – 5:00 PM UTC

AWS Mentorship Month Duplex Berkeley University - Bucharest

Virtual event

About this event

Panel: Future of Robotics, Automation, and Industry | UIPath VP + Nonfiction Founders


Join us for our first cross-continental event between Startup Grind Berkeley and Startup Grind Bucharest! We will co-host a panel between:

Alex is a VP at UIPath overseeing global pre-sales. UIPath "makes robots so people don't have to be robots." UIPath accelerates human achievement through robotics process automation. They are the leading firm globally in this field. Starting in 2005 as a 10-person team based in Romania, they now have 5,000+ enterprise customers. They raised over $920 million and are valued at $7 billion.

Mardis and Phnam are the founders of Nonfiction Design. Nonfiction turns science fiction into reality for a better future. They specialize in industrial design, engineering, and architecture. Their rich portfolio includes clients such as Ritz Carlton, Philips, Atari, Comcast, Logitech, Halo Neuroscience, Intel, House of Marley.  

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