Ask me Anything about Startups, with Mentors of FI Hungary & a special guest: Adeo Ressi, CEO of FI

Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 4:30 – 6:00 PM UTC

We are teaming up once again with Founder Institute Hungary to bring you an awesome lineup of speakers. This December Five Mentors from Founder Institute Hungary – Oszkó Péter, Biás Csongor Langmár Péter, Pereczes János and Kölkedi Krisztián - are going to participate and answer your questions, and a special guest will join the virtual conference, Adeo Ressi, who is the CEO of Founder Institute.

About this event

This is an optimal time to build a technology company, and the Founder Institute Hungary is here to help you. Our AMA Virtual Conference is coming up on the 15th of December, with some high-caliber speakers. If you have questions about the Founder Institute accelerator program or building a startup in general, then join this open Zoom meeting led by several of the accelerator's Local Leaders and Mentors.

This AMA ("Ask me Anything") meeting will cover all topics related to entrepreneurship, the Founder Institute, startup fundings, how to start a business, how to manage challenges, how to package information, how to connect with investors, how to build up your company and so much more. Don't miss the opportunity to raise questions to our special guest, Adeo Ressi, CEO and Co-founder of FI, and to Five Mentors from Founder Institute Hungary who will be more than happy to answer them:

◆ Péter Oszkó, CEO, Oxo Holdings

◆ Csongor Biás, Managing Director, Startup Hungary

◆ Péter Langmár, Partner, SmartWare.Tech

◆ János Pereczes, Managing Director at MKB Bank

◆ Krisztián Kölkedi, Head of Department, NKFIH

What questions do you have for our speakers? Ask it, and get your answers and inspiration on our upcoming event. On this meetup with our Leaders and Mentors, we give you a chance to raise your questions and we will do our best to answer them.

Send your questions in advance to until 13th December to have a better chance to get an answer during the event.

ℹ Registration is free, and you can simply use your exisitng Startup Grind account to register.

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