Isolated on the Road: A Photobook Documentary of US Scenery During COVID-19 - Parker Fairfield, Jr.

Capital Region NY
Tue, Dec 8, 2020, 6:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Parker Fairfield, Jr. is a current Vassar student who had the opportunity to take a cross country road trip with his Dad to help out a friend who'd been hit hard by COVID-19. Parker is a gifted photographer and decided along the way that he would use the trip as an opportunity to pull the trigger on a project that he'd been contemplating - a photobook. 

The project evolved into the oh-so-gorgeous Isolated on the Road, a Photobook Documentary of scenes along the way of their journey from Maine to California, captured during COVID-19. Upon his return, Parker did a Kickstarter campaign to bring Isolated on the Road to life, and it is a beautiful tome, full of wonderful photos, of course, vignettes of the towns they traversed. But the book is merely part of a bright story of hope during the pandemic. A COVID story of hope, family values, and banding together to help out a friend in need. 

Although this isn't a typical Startup Grind Capital Region NY business story, it still fits, because all of the guests that I invite to the stage are not selected primarily because of their successful business; but because of the great story of the person behind the success. 

Parker has such a story.  It's a pandemic story; it's a beautiful story - it's an America-at-it's-best story.

I hope you can join us to hear Parker's inspirational tale, and maybe get a peek at some of his photos from the trip.


December 8th at 6pm ET


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