Jump Into Web 3! Thomas Salgues (Fomoboyz.eth), CEO/Co-Founder, Nfinity Labs

Friday, October 21, 2022, 3:00 – 4:30 PM UTC

By day Thomas Salgues is an IT recruiter for Parisian talent recruitment firm, KatchMe, by night he transforms into Fomoboyz.eth, co-founder & CEO of Nfinity Labs, a premier Web3 and NFT consulting agency becoming known for its partnerships w/ prominent & unique NFT projects, including BLVCK Paris. Thomas is an Alpha Group ninja, scaling & growing NFT project communities for maximum engagement.

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About this event

By day Thomas Salgues is a senior tech recruiter specializing in Infrastructure, Cybersecurity & Blockchain for KatchMe, a Parisian talent recruitment firm. But at night Thomas transforms into Fomoboyz.eth, CEO and co-founder of Nfinity Labs, a premier Web3  Consulting agency known for creating partnerships with, and amplifying some of the most prominent, and unique Web 3 brands and NFT projects including BLVCK Paris, esports Team VITALITY, and Shinsekai, the 1st 3D Manga NFT.

Nfinity Labs connects its clients to the Web3 space, helping them develop and scale their projects through education, increased community engagement, art, communication, and utility.

Thomas has hacked the code for creating and scaling successful Alpha Groups for maximum community engagement, and he is the Strategic Advisor & Founder of the Blvck Paris Alpha Group.

Topics will include:

Joy & Jolts: Building while working a job

Community Counts: Creating and scaling an engaged community for your NFT project

Cultivating Influencer Relationships

BLVCK Paris - Translating a Brick & Mortar brand into the Metaverse


Event - 11 AM ET / 5 PM CET




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