Pursue Your Passion into a Profitable Life, Tony Hsieh, CEO, Shriller Creative

Nov 20, 2023, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

How do you connect with your passion, intertwine it with your brand, & create a profitable business helping clients tell their stories creatively? Meet Tony Hsieh; TEDx Speaker, Story Coach, & Standup Comedian. He founded Shriller Creative where he and his band of creative ninjas empower clients to push past limitations to tell their stories and pursue their passion into profitability.

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How do you connect with your passion, intertwine it with your brand, and create a profitable business helping clients tell their stories creatively?

"Nothing of value comes fast or easy. Drips of water can someday break a stone" is a Taiwanese proverb Tony's parents taught him at a very young age, and he has used these principles to overcome challenges and push himself outside of his comfort zone.

On this episode of Startup Grind Capital Region NY, meet Tony Hsieh; a TEDx Speaker, Story Coach, and Standup Comedian. He founded Shriller Creative, a Modern Brand Agency specializing in Disruptive Content Strategy, Creative Production, and integrated marketing. At Shriller, Tony and his team of creative ninjas leverage a unique approach to spur clients past their limitations, empower businesses to tell their stories creatively, and pursue their passion into profitability.

Tony lives what he preaches - in addition to leading Shriller, he is an accomplished Latin dance enthusiast and actor who has performed at the Academy Awards alongside Hugh Jackman & Beyoncé Knowles. Tony has appeared on the Television shows GLEE and Dancing with the Stars.

1. Why it's imperative to discover your passion and nourish it

2. The intersection between your passion and profitability

3. Why story is the keystone of your personal and business brand






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  • Tony Hsieh

    Shriller Creative




Monday, November 20, 2023
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


7:00 PMFireside Chat followed by Q&A


  • Patrice Perkins

    The Word Architect

    Chapter Director

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