Serial Entrepreneur Changes the Cigar Game with NFTs - Eddie Green, Sr., CEO, True Gent Cigars

Capital Region NY
Fri, Jun 24, 2022, 7:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Eddie H. Green, Sr. is a visionary with a vivid imagination that still inspires him today.  In addition to a passion for business and his community, Eddie wields an extraordinary gift for making business partnerships and for leveraging what he has access to in order to achieve his goals.  As he shares in his first book "Fail Up", this serial entrepreneur launched one of his early companies by leveraging the power of the auto dealership he was working in at the time.   

The True Gent Cigars luxury brand was birthed from Eddie's trio of passions: cigar culture, enjoyment of the finer things in life, and especially, always being a True Gentleman. Launching the brand was Eddie’s way of creating a luxury experience for cigar lovers like himself.  In Eddie's opinion, there isn't enough tech in the cigar space, so he set out to do something about it.

Add Eddie's love of innovation to the mix and voila! The cigar industry now asserts its dominance in the Metaverse, as the True Gent Cigars brand, releases the first in its exhilarating new Cigar Life NFT series.  Eddie created the project to empower and educate cigar aficionados about NFTs, provide exclusive home-delivered cigar packages, and even offer opportunities to collectively invest in a tobacco farm. 

There's even a free Beginners NFT Class included among the many perks available with the 1st NFT drop...but it's ONLY available if you purchase through Cigar Life NFT, not OpenSea.

The Cigar Life NFT project is being managed by NFiniT Digital Management.

In this lively chat we'll discuss topics including:

  • Operating Several Businesses at one time (How to keep the wheels from falling off the bus)
  • How to get involved with the CigarLife NFT Series
  • The Importance of Vision
  • Being a Dreamer to Accomplish your Goals
  • Eddie's book, "Fail Up"


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