#SGWomen: Celebrating Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month with CEO Jhoie Cruz

Thu, May 13, 10:00 AM (PDT)

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"The first time I had money I received a Hello Kitty wallet with four 10-peso bills as a Christmas present when I was 10 years old. I acted like a "millionaire". In a week, I spent all my money and couldn't afford the bus home. I had to walk a mile under the sweltering heat, carrying my backpack, two bags full of clothes, and books. With my shirt soaked in sweat and tears, I promised, from that day on, to never spend all of my money ever again. That was my first lesson about money and savings."

Money is one of those things us entrepreneurs don't handle really well a lot of the time...

We don't know when to spend, when to save or what to buy. We often end up in a hole even with good intentions, and the next thing you know your business is spiraling downward and you're back to square one. Even when you're at rock bottom and there's nowhere to go but up, the journey is never easy. Jhoie knows that route all too well, but proves to us that regardless of the circumstances, if you're willing to see what you're called to do and seize your dream with a little GRIT, you'll get there.

Jhoie Cruz is the President & CEO of East West Building Solutions, Inc., a Woman-Owned and Minority-Owned, dependable contractor in the retail, housing, restaurant, and hospitality sectors. She was a finalist for the San Diego CFO of the Year Award in 2020 and remains a dedicated servant leader committed to championing education of the impoverished in the Philippines. While Jhoie's list of successes goes on for miles, she didn't always have her entrepreneurial dream.

"With a very little money in my pocket, I packed my luggage and took a 14-hour flight to California, to follow my dreams. I left all my family behind. I’m sure some would say I was "just another immigrant from a third world country dreaming of a bright future in the 'land of milk and honey'.” But during those years, nobody handed me “milk” or “honey.” I worked hard and poured out Guts, Resiliency, Integrity, and Tenacity. I gave blood, sweat, tears, and buckets of GRIT to get a taste of freedom."

Jhoie's migration from the Philippines would cost her a lot -- more than she bargained for. But even under the most difficult circumstances of couch surfing, piling up on junk food and crashing on friend’s floors, Jhoie never gave up.

Sometimes we just can’t get to where we need to go because we can’t “see and seize” what we want. Join us on March 13 at 10AM PT // 11AM MT // 12PM CT // 1PM ET for a fireside chat with Jhoie Cruz to grasp the full picture of going from $6 bucks to 6-figures with a whole lot of GRIT.

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  • Jhoie Cruz

    Jhoie Cruz

    East West Building Solutions, Inc.


    Jhoie Cruz is the President & CEO of East West Building Solutions, a general commercial contractor based in Oceanside, CA. A dedicated servant leader and a business strategist, Jhoie’s professional experience include financial and risk management and supervision on various service-related businesses from the financial institution, talent acquisition, and commercial construction to governmen...

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    Thursday, May 13
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