Beyond the Valley: The Rise of Deep-tech Startups from the Emerging Economies

Jun 8, 2020, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

South America, South East Asia, Eastern Europe… The next unicorn can come from anywhere! Tech startups from developing countries CAN compete with and even surpass Silicon Valley tech stars! But where to look for funding? How to go global? Alexander Piskunov, partner of Ruvento Ventures will share his insights around building and investing in startups in emerging markets.

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Beyond the Valley: The Rise of Deep-tech Startups from the Emerging Economies

硅谷之外 : 新兴市场崛起的科创新星

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South America, South East Asia, Eastern Europe… Tech startups from developing countries CAN compete with and even surpass Silicon Valley tech stars!

The Silicon Valley is ceasing to be the global monopolist of innovation. Recent years have seen a new wave of Deep-Tech disruptors from the emerging markets. This means that the next unicorn can come from anywhere, which makes the usually US-focused VCs to discover new geographies and talents. For founders, it is a great opportunity to get funded by the Western investors. However, more players and more diversity also means greater competition and more cautious investors. Where to search funding for a start-up from an emerging country? How to convince foreign investors? What mistakes to avoid? These and more you will hear from Alexander Piskunov, partner at Ruvento who had experience of investing both in the US and around the world.

南美,东南亚,东欧...下一个科技独角兽可能出现在任何地方! 在新兴市场慢慢发展起来科技创业公司已经具有可以和硅谷科技巨头竞争甚至胜出的潜质!

硅谷长期以来在科技行业的主导地位正在受到来自新兴市场的竞争者们的强烈冲击。我们有理由相信下一个科技独角兽有可能在任何地方诞生,这也使得长期以来以美国市场为主导的风投公司将目光投向其他市场。作为创业者,获得西方投资者的青睐将会是绝好的机会,然而投资者选择的多样性也意味着更大的竞争以及投资者对其选择的谨慎。新兴市场的科创公司如何寻求投资?如何获得投资人的信任?有哪些错误需要避免?在美国及其他市场拥有多年投资经验的风投机构Ruvento Ventures合伙人 Alexander Piskunov 将为我们带来这些问题的答案。

Potential Questions

- Why Western VC funds are interested in investing in startups from emerging markets?

- Mistakes of founders from emerging markets when seeking overseas funding

- How should startups from emerging markets approach the fundraising from Western funds?

- Are there any alternative ways to get funded early?

- What kind of start-ups from emerging markets investors try to find?

- How COVID will change investors’ attitude to emerging markets?

- Are big VCs from the emerging countries delivering the same value as the Western VCs? Is competition between them increasing?

- Should founders relocate/found a company in another country to secure easy access to capital?

- 为什么西方风投机构对新兴市场的科技公司产生了浓厚的兴趣?

- 新兴市场科技公司创始人在寻求海外投资时的常见错误

- 新兴市场的科技公司如何通过有效的方式向西方投资者募集资金

- 是否有其他方式可以在早期获得投资?

- 投资者在新兴市场寻找什么样的优质科技公司?

- 投资者对新兴市场的投资态度在新冠疫情的冲击下有何改变?

- 新兴市场的大型风投机构是否与西方资本一样关注科技领域?二者之间的竞争是否日趋激烈?

- 创业者是否应该在特定的地理区位/国家创立他们的公司从而更加便捷地获得投资?


Interview Language: English

Event Platform: Zoom

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  • Alexander Piskunov

    Ruvento Ventures

    General Partner


  • Xuemei Zhong

    Easygo business consulting

    Chapter Director

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