Brent Pearce & Daniel Zhang (Trendwise & Euclideon) - Chengdu Vol. 5

Illu Cafe (iBOX) - iBOX, No. 1, JinDong Road Chengdu, 61000 Chengdu
Wed, May 10, 2017, 6:30 PM (CST)

About this event

Startup Grind is proud to invite two special guests for May’s session. It will be in cooperation with the Aussie Innovation Roundtable and feature: Mr. Brent Pearce, global sales director of Trendwise and Daniel Zhang, CEO of Euclideon. Both will share experiences and opinions about applications for big data in the real world - from holograms to smart cities.


Brent is an experienced marketing and sales leader with a background in retail operations, marketing and communications. Brent is a highly strategic thinker, and he provides a unique perspective for utilizing innovative visitor analytics to reshape a client’s understanding of their business to improve revenue and margins. Brent operates daily across a number of sectors including Government (Smart Cities), Retail and Out of Home Advertising.


Daniel Zhang, Greater China CEO of Euclideon. Euclideon is a Brisbane based company, which owns the world leading 3D visualization and Hologram technology.  Euclideon established its China company with HQ in Shenzhen in 2006. Euclideon China represents a successful Australian startup in China.  Euclideon China raised about 30 million RMB funding locally in 2016 and has built solid customers with about 200 million RMB sales contracts.  Euclideon is supplying products and service for geospatial industry, smart city applications, digital museum and heritage sites, virtual tourism, education and trainings, plus the world unique holographic entertainment business.


Trendwise is a visitor behavior analytics platform utilizing existing wireless infrastructure and low-cost smart sensors to translate real world data into readable optimization insights for business and government.

Trendwise monitors the ‘health’ of precincts and assets by passively analyzing pedestrian activity 24/7, throughout shopping malls, multi-store retail, outdoor signage, transport or entire cities.


Euclideon is a leading provider of 3D visualization and hologram technology that creates immersive experiences with application to both consumer entertainment and geographic information systems.



Wednesday, May 10
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CST)


Illu Cafe (iBOX)
iBOX, No. 1, JinDong Road Chengdu61000

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