Hotness in Food Francise (Xiaolongkan Hot Pot)

Sunday, August 26, 2018, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM UTC

Startup Grind Chengdu #20 has invited Alan Lee, Renzhong Management along with three other guest speakers to share their stories in Food Franchise.

About this event

FIRESIDE CHAT___________

Shuoyan Li 李硕彦

Renzhong Management, Executive Director

Renzhong Group owns the internet celebrity hot pot chain "Xiaolongkan" and the Chinese cultural hot pot "The Way Of The Dragon". Li was in commercial real estate development for many years, and led award winning sales teams. He is now leading his team in building international cultural food brand, putting Chinese hot pot on the world map.


Yuan Zi 源子, M Studio, Founder

M Studio is an independent floral shop brand that pursues uniqueness and style, and was founded by three independent designers. During the early stage of the establishment, the shop was endorsed by art director of MUJI Mr. Kenya Hara, recommended by #ChanelInChengdu# official Weibo topic, and became the most popular boutique floral brand in Chengdu, focusing on high-end private flower gifting.

Jordan Porter, Entrepreneur & Write & Food Enthusiast

Jordan Porter is an entrepreneur, writer and the founder of Chengdu Food Tours and the Chengdu Baijiu Club. Originally from Canada, he has lived in Chengdu since 2010 and is driven by a passion for Sichuan food (and drinks), and sharing stories from his new home. When not writing or eating, he enjoys driving around the countryside, talking to farmers, exploring mountains and rock n roll.

Honey Seven 甜七, We-Media Operator

An entrepreneur, the founder of Wechat Official Account “lingrenzuoou” and “youshiqizou”.


What makes Chengdu Food entrepreneurs special?

Thoughts behind international promotion and market expansion on Chinese themed restaurant franchise?

Market trends in the food / restaurant business?

How to balance preserving tradition vs. leveraging new online sales strategy in this new digital era?

Is "Internet Celebrity" the key?

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8:30 AMNetworking and Food
9:00 AMFireside Chat
9:30 AMPanel Discussion
10:00 AMHot Pot Dinner!


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