How to develop game brands and marketing strategies in China and abroad?{XPromotion for SGChongqing}

Mar 27, 2021, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

How to develop game brands and marketing strategies in China and abroad?{CrossPromotion for SG Chongqing}

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Video and Online Games, although being a fairly new type of cultural product have rapidly developed into a large-scale industry. The global gaming market was valued at USD 162.32 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach a value of USD 295.63 billion by 2026. With about 660 million mobile gamers, China is one of the most fast-growing markets for mobile gaming. Online games aim to target the demand of the human spirit through social and connected experiences. Forged by creative genius, centred on entertaining and interesting content, games lure their users with a whole sleuth of marketing tools. One essential strategy is brand positioning and identification. Advances in technology have changed the way players interact and with it the marketing approach has also shifted. Gaming companies work to tantalize their players to join their communities and captivate their imagination. They not only invite players to experience the scene but help create it. We will deep dive with Claire Li who brings advanced insight and international bridge-building experience in the gaming world and Q Sterling who has a corporate depth and breathe in China and Western countries branding techniques as well as unique insight into gaming startups who are trying to tackle this massive industry. We are pleased to be able to invite both of these founders to share their valuable insights and experience in branding and market strategy in the game industry.

网络游戏是一种新型的文化产品,并且已经迅速发展成为一个具备较大规模的产业。2020年全球游戏市场价值为162.32亿美元,预计到2026年将达到2956.3亿美元。中国拥有6.6亿手机游戏玩家,是手机游戏发展最快的市场之一。网络游戏的目的是通过社交和连接的体验来满足人类精神的需求,创意出发,以娱乐性和趣味性为核心。游戏用大量的营销工具来吸引用户。一个重要的策略是品牌定位和识别。技术的进步改变了玩家的互动方式,营销方式也随之发生了变化。游戏公司致力于吸引玩家加入他们的社区,并抓住他们的想象力。他们不仅邀请玩家去体验场景 还助于创造场景。我们将深入与Claire Li和Q Sterling进行讨论,Claire Li带来了在游戏世界先进的洞察力和国际桥梁建设建立经验。Q Sterling具有在中国和西方国家的品牌的营销技巧,并且对试图解决这一庞大行业的游戏初创公司具有独特的见解。我们很高兴能邀请这两位创始人分享他们在游戏品牌和市场战略方面的宝贵见解和经验。

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