SG 成都 #47 Into the Metaverse and Beyond!

Friday, June 24, 2022, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM UTC

Once imagined as utopian or dystopian virtual spaces, the concept of Metaverse is becoming reality. Tech giants started to build it, from hardware to infrastructure to 3D content. Companies, such as Tencent, Dior, L’Oréal, Tesla and XPeng are racing to test and experiment in this new field. Join this months edition and explore why the Metaverse could involve into a $800 billion industry by 2024.

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Chengdu Startup Grind Update:

Startup Grind Chengdu Presents
Into the Metaverse and Beyond!

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With over 20 million people living in Chengdu in 2022 and strong economic growth of over 7.8% GPP p.a., Chengdu ranks among the top 3 cities to become the next Tier 1 city in China. Of course, part of this economic success comes from the active and vibrant startup culture in Chengdu. This June, we are going to dive into the Chinese Metaverse Startup Culture and have invited 3 amazing Founders on stage.

We start the fireside chats with Mr. Jon Anderson, Founder of MAXXDisplay who is years of experience in Media and VR Hardware. He built a VR Hardware business in China and exported thousands of accessories to customers in the USA, Europe, and Asia. All these experiences gave him a unique perspective on the Metaverse, VR, and the new digital economy as well as hands-on experience in starting companies abroad.

Next, we invite Mr. Cang founder of AKG Ventures, on stage. AKG is a venture capital company focused on investing in Web 3.0, financial derivatives, and meta-universe teams in China and worldwide. AKG has invested in more than 30 blockchain enterprises and more than 10 Web 3.0 teams, achieving a 100x return. With over 300,000 followers on TikTok, Mr. Cang is one of the leading Metaverse influencers in China.

We also invited Mr. Guo Menghao, head of the “Zebra China” platform, who formally worked for Ant Financial Services and other Chinese public listed companies. In the last years, he played an incremental role in the construction of the China Telecom Group BSS3.0, China´s leading IP rights group tackling the challenges of Metaverse IP and copyrights law in China. Mr. Guo is one of the leading experts in Metaverse IP rights in China and has shaped many of the core guidelines for the Chinese Metaverse industry.

Do not miss this exciting package of knowledge of Startup Grind Chengdu on June 24th at 7 pm (China Time), if you want to learn how to start your own business, find cofounders and network with like-minded people in person.

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