[SGCD #44 Online] 替代蛋白——食品可持续之路

Thursday, May 13, 2021, 12:00 AM – 1:30 PM UTC

替代蛋白无疑是现代食品科学和工业中一个新兴而热门的话题。它会给我们的生活和自然环境带来哪些影响呢?这个行业有哪些机遇和挑战呢? 成都创业磨坊荣幸地邀请到专注替代蛋白行业投资的道夫子共同创始人张涛先生,和我们聊一聊替代蛋白的那些事。 Alternative protein is a novel and hot topic in the food industry. SGCD has the honour to invite Mr Zhang Tao, the co-founder of DaoFoods which focuses on investing in the alternative protein industry to share with us.

About this event

Alternative protein is undoubtedly one novel and hot topic in modern food technology and industry.

KFC and McDonald released their artificial meat product lines in August 2020 and February 2021 respectively. The stock value of Beyond Meat stayed high. The Singapore government has granted commercial permission to the cultured meat of East Just company. The precision fermentation process has opened the third door to alternative protein.

And as the production increases and the price drops, alternative protein products are increasingly visible in our daily life.

But what changes will the alternative protein bring to our life and the ecosystem? What are the opportunities and pitfalls in this industry?

StartupGrind Chengdu has the honour to invite Mr Zhang Tao, founder of the Dao Ventures, which focuses on investing in alternative protein start-ups, to have a fireside talk about this topic.


肯德基和麦当劳分别在2020年8月和2021年2月宣布了自己的人造肉产品线。Beyond Meat公司股价高企。新加坡率先批准了East Just公司的细胞基鸡肉上市销售。而精准发酵技术方兴未艾。




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