Let's Talk Tech & Startups

Jun 24, 11:30 PM – Jun 25, 12:45 AM

Join us online for an interactive candid discussion about technology and startups and how we can make an impact on the industry. As a community, we'll highlight what's working, what's missing, and how we can make a difference in Colorado. Community leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiasts from all walks of life are welcome. Hop online and give your 2¢ so we can make change 😊

Virtual event

About this event

We've all have an idea of how we can make tech and startups thrive in Colorado...

But getting all those ideas flushed out, planned, and executed is another ordeal...

It's hard to keep a pulse on technology and startups in the community when everything is changing so fast and there are so many people doing a variety of things. However, a good start to gauge that pulse is to begin listening to the people around you, asking what they need, and seeing how you can help. And that's what we plan to do during our session of "Let's Talk Tech & Startups." Hop online and you'll:

  • Get connected to other folks in this awesome community
  • Have an opportunity to share your thoughts on the "state of startups"
  • Give feedback on what you'd like to see from the community
  • Help be a changemaker for the good of Colorado

The goal is to see how and where we can all make a difference in the Tech & Startup World, foster collaboration, and make new friends. We're a give first, help others, make friends type of community, so if that sounds like you, come on down. It will give me a chance to meet many of you lovely people and share how Startup Grind is making a difference in the world of technology and startups globally, and how we can do our part to contribute to this vibrant community.

We hope to do this three times a year, but we'll see how this first one goes :) If you have something special you'd like to highlight during this session, be sure to hit me up and I'll make room for it on the agenda.

Hope to see you soon!


  • Alexandra Renée Poelstra


    Chapter Director

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