Good Time Station - December 2022

Dec 1, 2022, 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Eden Lock, 127 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JN

A quarterly purpose-driven, stress-free business meet-up featuring good ideas, good discussion, good local food and drinks for GOOD.

In-person event

About this event

We are delighted to be supporting Time Machine & Folks as they launch "Good Time Station" wellbeing-centred events. Details as follows:

Our quarterly purpose-driven business meet-up aims to cultivate a community where entrepreneurs, business founders, directors and associates can connect, explore new ideas and raise the discussion to build a more sustainable, purposeful and meaningful economy together.

✦ Our first event will be held on the 1st of December 2022 in Edinburgh to kick-start the festive season!

Say goodbye to the classic boozy business networking. Our event promotes well-being, diversity and inclusivity with a focus on mental health, sustainability in businesses and innovation in the low or non-alcoholic food and drinks scene. We want to reimagine what networking can be and bring a dash of softness to the word 'business' without compromising the excitement of opportunity you can explore from the event.

Come and join us for a relaxed and inspiring evening surrounded by good people, good food and drinks and good ideas for good!

☀︎ All the ticket sales will support local businesses in Scotland or the wider UK.

☻ What to expect?

Three speakers will come and share their stories and lead the conversation + a selection of local food and drinks businesses that prioritise good and sustainability in products, operation, communication and brand will be catering at the event.


✹ 00 Your Host

Thorranze Cheung - Founder and Director at Time Machine + Folks

Thorranze is a human designer and entrepreneur, branding strategist. He challenges and revolutionises traditional thinking and approaches to develop global brand with design, creative concepts, up-to-date technology and cultural intelligence.

Combining his experience from leading agencies, Dentsu and McCann, with his passion and insight into sustainability in business, society and culture, he helps organisations create meaningful, culturally iconic, and globally impactful brands, products, and experiences.

After five years of his creative entrepreneurial journey, Thorranze and his team are now focusing on using design to initiate positive change that is good for the planet, society and people.


☯︎ 01 Mindful Moment

Every month, we will invite one mental-health-related practitioner or company to come and deliver a talk or a taster session of their services in any form to help attendees relax and build up connections internally and externally. It also allows attendees to explore mental health and well-being opportunities.

1st December Speaker: Mika Benjamin - Sound Therapist & Space Holder

Mika is mostly well known for his sound therapy and yoga session delivered in Edinburgh and the wider UK. With experience in delivering on a 1-2-1 basis and group sessions to the team and corporate, Mika has rich experience in bringing harmony to individuals and groups that require clarity to go through challenges.

"Sound is everything. It is all of life, that which is moving or vibrating, from the smallest particle to the entire cosmos." said Mika. Join the sound journey led by Mika in our first event's Mindful moment section and explore the founding journey of his practice driven by love, care and harmony.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is the procedure in which the human body can be restored to health and well being by the exposure of precise resonant frequency (sound vibrations) into the corresponding part of the body that is currently ill or "out of balance".

When the resonant frequency (sound vibration) is exposed into the area of interest the body cells are restored to its natural state.

The vibrations can be emitted in a variety of ways including therapeutic instruments like Himalayan singing bowls, Gongs, Tuning forks, Shamanic Instruments, electronic devices as well as the human voice.


✦ 02 Growth Substance

Every month, we invite two guest speakers to share their ideas and experience on growing a business with sustainability at its core or incorporating sustainability into business to strengthen resilience, connect with customers, and communicate their purpose and message.

1st December Speaker: Tabitha Jayne - Co-founder & Director at Net Zero Nation and Founding Director at Earthself

Tabi's wonderful personal statement:

I got my love of Earth from my Granny. She called herself “peasant and proud!” When my 17-year-old brother died suddenly when I was 22, I turned to the natural world for solace. The impact was so profound that I knew I needed to find a way to package its impact and bring it to more people. I didn’t realise then but this was the start of me working out how to put Earth at the heart of business.

One of the first programmes I developed was the NatureProcess, a simple way of being in the body and connecting to nature through the senses. When I first launched it, I partnered with a non-profit organisation and enrolled 77 people from 13 countries into the programme. This was the start for my love of business as I realised that people and planet could be balanced with profit.

When I started Earthself back in 2015 I was naively optimistic about where the business community was when it came to Net Zero – never mind putting Earth at the heart of business! Yet that didn’t discourage me. In fact, it made me more determined than ever.

Along my journey, I’ve also built a reputation as a leader in the field of EarthConnected coaching, training hundreds of coaches along the way. This culminated in developing the ‘Elf-Strength of the Earth’ project, funded by the Alef Trust’s Conscious Community Project. Leading a team of 15 coaches and facilitators, we pioneered an evidence-based coaching with Earth approach in virtual settings with 176 participants from 16+ countries which demonstrated that a connection to Earth online is possible.


✻ 03 Nutrition Bar

Every month, we will invite a section of local businesses to deliver delicious food and drinks that are low-fat, low or alcohol-free and taste good to showcase the innovation and imagination in the sustainable food scene in Scotland.

Drink Sponsor: Holos Kombucha

Award-winning, premium soft drinks hand-crafted on a farm in West Sussex.

Holos employs survivors of slavery, trauma and human-trafficking in a safe and sensitive way.

Kombucha is a refreshing, chilled, sparkling tea with a distinctive 'kick' from fermentation. We've been brewing delicious, small-batch kombucha the authentic way since 2018 using all-natural ingredients.

Our drinks are low in sugar, gut-loving and have won multiple Great Taste Awards, find us in selected M&S stores nationwide. Use our exclusive discount code: MACHINE15 for 15% on the Holos website.

Escaping slavery is just the start. Finding freedom is where Holos can help. This product is #BREWEDFORGOOD find out more on our website

Drink Sponsor: Jump Ship Alcohol Free Beer

A voyage of discovery - The MD of Jump Ship Brewing Sonja Mitchell

I tasted my first beer moments after my first rugby match. I’d made a try-saving tackle that helped win us the game and the team captain brought in a jug of ale to celebrate. There and then I decided that not even the finest champagne could beat the flavour of a freshly-pulled pint.

But as the years passed and life got busier - enter three children, dog and busy job - I found that although I still wanted to relax with a beer, I no longer wanted the alcohol or fuzzy head next day.

None of the low alcohol beers I tasted matched up to the amazing Scottish beers I enjoyed, so I took a deep breath, jumped ship from my day job and set off on a voyage of discovery to brew my own.

It took nearly a year to perfect our first beer, Yardarm, and I wept into more than one failed brew. So imagine my delight when Yardarm was awarded best no and low alcohol lager in the World Beer Awards 2021, beating global brands in the process. Not bad for a wee start-up from Edinburgh!

We want to do great things as well as brew great beers. At Jump Ship, we want to make life a little better for our fellow shipmates, and the planet we share. We’ve committed to give at least 10% of our profits to charity. So far we’ve supported charities including Autism on the Water and relief efforts in Ukraine. We’re starting small, but as part of the Work for Good movement, we hope to inspire more businesses to give back. We’re also trying hard to minimise the impact of our production and distribution.

Event Space Sponsor: Eden Locke, Edinburgh

Inner city peace in Edinburgh’s New Town.

From city to tranquillity, in just a few steps. This is Eden Locke – a peaceful haven for sleeping, working and living, minutes from Edinburgh’s main sites.

Set behind a grand Georgian façade, Eden Locke has just 72 apartments making it our most intimate Locke location. But what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in style and beauty. Settle into your own meticulously designed apartment. Soak up the laid-back atmosphere of our living space, with its lush, leafy plants and soft tropical colour palette. And feel free.

☞ Get your ticket today!

Early bird ticket £4 (15th November - 24th November)

Standard ticket £6 (25th November - 31st November)

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Thursday, December 1, 2022
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM UTC


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