Not Another ‘Women in Business’ Event

May 27, 2021, 5:30 – 7:00 PM

This isn’t another Women in Business event. We’re getting into it. We’re talking to three entrepreneurs about their lived experience, their successes and the adversity they’ve faced. We’re talking about the past, how we got here, and how we’re going to get ourselves out of a culture that means women face obstacles at every point of their working lives.

Virtual event

About this event

Women. They’re just everywhere, aren’t they? They represent 52% of the world’s population, after all. Go to any nursery, classroom, care home, coffee shop, high street, bar, or visit almost any family on earth and we can guarantee you that a woman will be there!

And yet there are places where women are distinctly absent. Board rooms, product development teams, senior leadership and governmental roles are filled overwhelmingly by men. 12% of VCs are women. 3% of investment goes to women. Though you might peek into those environments and be forgiven for thinking women are a rare minority, we’ve already established above that women, in fact, represent the ultimate majority. Something isn’t adding up.

Through man-made design, women are more likely to die in a car crash, and of a heart attack. Women are more likely to drop and smash their phones. More likely to queue for a public toilet. More likely to do unpaid labour every single day of their lives.

Yet, despite living and working in a world that wasn’t built for them or with them, women are creating and leading on exceptional products and businesses. Women are making businesses thrive across the globe.

Here’s the question: Will we stand by and watch as women, with odds stacked against them, change the narrative and the world, bit by bit, one enterprise at a time?

And if not, what’s the alternative?

This isn’t another Women in Business event. We’re getting into it. We’re talking to three entrepreneurs about their lived experience, their successes and the adversity they’ve faced. We’re talking about the past, how we got here, and how we’re going to get ourselves out of a culture that means women face obstacles at every point of their working lives.

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘woman’ popping up in this event title and description; this event is for everyone. It’s for everyone that lives in this world and wants it to be a place where their sons, daughter, mothers, fathers and their friends of all genders have equal opportunity to be ambitious, follow their dreams and enjoy their success without facing conscious and unconscious bias.

To help facilitate this discussion, we’ve drafted in some help from Co-Host Hazel Jane, Entrepreneur Engagement Manager at Tech Nation and Convenor of the Scotland Can Do Collective, who’ll bring some cold, hard facts, as well as her infectious passion for equality to the evening’s proceedings.

Sophie Amono fell in love with the spirit of Scotland after a mistimed hiking trip to Ben Nevis left her and her pals stranded in Glasgow. After 28 years as a Londoner, she upped and moved North. Five years later and her experience working with some of the biggest media publications including The Times and FT led her to launch social media creative agency, Stuffs. Sophie is also a social entrepreneur, supporting homeless women in Edinburgh through PERF, and sits on BIMA’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.

Danae Shell is the co-founder and CEO of Valla, a technology company who want to make legal decisions fairer and faster for everyone. Danae is a software developer-turned marketer, and a Tennessean who has worked in Scotland's startup scene for over 17 years. She was an early employee at both FreeAgent and Care Sourcer and her latest venture Valla is co-founded with product and data specialist Dr. Kate Ho.

Leah Hutcheon is the founder and CEO of Appointedd, an award-winning company revolutionising the way businesses engage with their customers. From high street retailers to global Fortune 500 companies, Appointedd's technology is helping businesses thrive in the face of C19. Leah has been the Natwest UK Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year, an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and is a Scottish EDGE Award winner. Leah is also an ambassador for Women's Enterprise Scotland and Entrepreneurial Scotland.

Since the success of our 2020 End of Year Social, we wanted to keep things lively and provide a virtual space for connection to catch up with old friends, make new ones and share grand ideas and learnings with each other. With that in mind, we’re excited to invite you to use Remo!

Remo is a virtual platform where you can interact face-to-face and move around a ‘room’ to different tables to meet and talk with other people.

We’ve set up to a few themed tables to get the conversation going with ecosystem experts as well as some space to chat at the ‘bar’ and some sofas for one-on-one conversations.

Themed Table Plan

- Money Matters

- Workplace Culture

- Marketing & Messages

- Talent & Team

- Creative Entrepreneurs

- Health & Mindset

- Startup Legals

- Community

- Chat at the bar & jump to a sofa a 1-1

If you’ve not used Remo before here is a quick introduction to the platform (it’s really easy)!

Why attend?

- Join the fight against conscious and unconscious bias

- Connect with peers in a casual online setting

- Catch up with friends and make new ones

- Get advice from industry experts

- Have a conversation and some laughs to see in summer 2021 with a smile

- Share an ask or a project you’re excited for with the community

What you need to know!

What: Not another ‘Women in Business’ event w/ Hazel Jane (Tech Nation)

When: Thurs 27th May

Time: 6.30pm-8.00pm

Where: Remo

Bonus Extras: Partner offers and a chance to win a special prize via our Twitter competition!

Ticket Price: This is to help cover the cost of Remo. The SG Scotland team are fully voluntary and host these events to bring people and ideas together.

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  • Leah Hutcheon


    Founder & CEO

  • Sophie Amono


    Founder & CEO

  • Danae Shell


    Co-Founder & CEO



Thursday, May 27, 2021
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


Welcome & Making Friends
Panel discussion w/ Hazel, Sophie, Danae & Leah
Event Wrap-Up


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