[Cross Promoted]Marketing and Podcast Boot Camp for Podcast Pitch Battle

Aug 16, 2021, 4:00 PM – Aug 21, 2021, 3:00 AM


Virtual event
Pitch Battle

About this event

Is podcasting the next best thing for your business? Should you attempt it at all? Do you wonder what is the best place to start in this confusing mess of marketing + podcasting?

We’ve been right where you are. This is why we created Absolute Marketing Method to solve the problem of stress for overwhelmed business owners by creating 1 year of marketing content in 5 days. We later created an addition to this formula, The PodScout, to answer all your podcasting questions. We spend 1 day with our clients to create their Perfect Podcast, or 1/2 day with a client to help them get booked as a guest on podcasts. There are so many tasks you have to think about in your podcast, business, or non-profit, stop struggling and start succeeding.

Join us in bootcamp training August 16th - August 21st to simplify your marketing and perfect your podcast!

Aug 16th 10am EDT: Creating a Connected Brand + A Website That Converts (60 min)

This session will boost your brand awareness and give you the insight you need to confidently create a connected brand. This is paramount when achieving success in any industry or capacity. We have all confidence that after this session, you will walk away with a better, more complete understanding of your Website and how to use it! Jump in and let’s show you how to curate your brand + an amazing website.

Aug 17th 10am EDT: Creating a Spark as a Podcast Guest (60 min)

Do you have a difficult time trying to create the perfect pitch for podcast hosts? Tired of feeling like your pitch is not working? We will help you craft an effective, to-the-point pitch that will get you on podcasts & help you create a Podcast Guest One Sheet.

Aug 18 9:30am EDT: Harnessing the Power of the Podcast (60 min)

Whether you are starting from the ground up or want to relaunch your existing podcast, this training allows us to help you focus, find the right tools, and implement habits that will make your podcast a success!

Aug 19 10am EDT: Algorithm Proof Social Media (60 min)

Social Media can be the bane of our existence but as a business, it is one of our greatest assets. The problem is learning and keeping up with all the changes is like standing on shifting sand! Learn how to create 1 year of algorithm proof social media in one day!

Aug 20 10am EDT: Leveraging Blogging + Automating Email Marketing (60 min)

Starting a blog can be daunting. What if blogging was easy and email marketing was automated? In this session we will cover How to write email subject lines that get opened, how to Build epic blog titles, finding your writing voice, Automating your email marketing system and the best tools and practices.

Aug 21 10am EDT: Q&A Session with Emily From The Podscout (30 min)

Join us for a recap of highlights from The PodScout + Absolute Marketing bootcamps. There will be a live Q+A session to answer any additional questions attendees might have!

Aug 28: Don’t forget the Pitch Battle Day! https://www.startupgrind.com/events/details/startup-grind-jacksonville-presents-virtual-podcast-pitch-battle/

We are so excited to learn about your businesses and podcasts (present and future) and share a little of what has made us successful along the way! Space is limited, so register today!

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  • Emily Hammond

    PodScout + Absolute Marketing

    CEO + Co-Founder

  • Elizabeth Pampalone

    Absolute Marketing




August 16 – 21, 2021
4:00 PM – 3:00 AM UTC


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Introduction of Speaker - Elizabeth Pampalone of Absolute Marketing
Live Q + A with Elizabeth Pampalone


  • Javen Zheng

    Link Trust Capital

    Startup Grind Guangzhou Chapter Director

  • Matias Mann

    E-Commerce Industry Leader / Co-Director

  • Chance Jiang

    Chatek LLC

    Startup Grind Guangzhou Advisor

  • Carel van Apeldoorn

    Startup Grind Guangzhou Advisor

  • Adeh DeSandies

    Startup Grind China

    Startup Grind Guangzhou Mentor

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