Building Your Business by Leveraging LinkedIn - #SGWomen With Jennifer Darling

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Positioning yourself to find customers, talent, and investors?

Look no further than LinkedIn to connect with the right people to grow your startup and/or business.

But wait, you say - I'm on LinkedIn and I post there regularly and I've never found a lead or closed a sale from it. It seems like just another social media platform wasting my time.

Yes, we're in a sensitive time. But that's even more of a reason to master this powerful platform to build rapport, uncover customers and attract investors.

In this LIVE workshop you'll discover:

  • How to use LinkedIn for social networking when you're not able to network in person.
  • How to navigate disruption and provide value in today's environment.
  • How to position yourself as a Trusted Advisor.

Jennifer Darling is one of the world’s foremost LinkedIn experts, and the ONLY one who has 20+ years of advertising and sales experience. Jennifer has trained thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants, speakers, authors, salespeople, experts, and others to optimize and maximize their LinkedIn results.

Celebrating our #SGWomen month by bringing you one of the best women leveraging Linkedin. Join us!

A note from Michele, your chapter director.

Jennifer delivers content in such a fast-paced style that I found myself scribbling notes furiously to make sure I could put into action all she was pouring into our brains. You will want to bring yourself a notebook and pen for this jam-packed workshop.

Testimonial for Jennifer's delivery and value.

“I always say the proof is in the pudding! Even before the course was finished, I picked up one client and 4 leads. My connections went from 820 to just under 5000, I am now being seen as an expert in my field. I’m publishing articles and my post are getting comments, liked and shared. I finally know how to use and get around LinkedIn.

From a value perspective, Jennifer gives you more than what you think you are going to get. You can tell, that what she does is not just a job, it’s a meaningful part of her life.

I would highly recommend Jennifer's LinkedIn course.” Ira Wolfe, Sales Coach


Jennifer Darling

A revenue-generating machine, Jennifer Darling led her teams to record-breaking results in sales.



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