How to Build a Visionary Brand -- even in a time of audience overwhelm

Tue, Jun 7, 2022, 3:00 PM (CDT)

About this event


A workshop and conversation.


Because the world is changing - and so are your customer's/client's expectations from you, your solution and brand promise, even our learning styles. It's time to get more imaginative about marketing and branding for the world we live in now!

Amy will deliver you an interactive workshop where you are invited to ask questions, share your insights and reflect on your work.

What to expect:

We're living in times of unprecedented access to creative tools and communication channels, along with total media overwhelm, mounting social and cultural stress, and scarce audience attention. So how do you create a meaningful brand that will ensure the right kind of visibility for your work today?

You can craft a brand that is a true contribution to the culture, helping craft the business - and the world - you most long for. The secret is in the creative process.

In this workshop, Amy will bring you through a discussion of the process she uses with her students and clients, so they can build visionary brands that positively impact the culture AND their businesses. Leaving behind tired and recycled tactics and formulas, we'll dive into an approach to branding that grounds you in the values and vision inside your work, and processes that will help you unlock your potential as a creator and leader.

RSVP and come prepared to be an active part of the conversation.



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