Leading From 50/50 in the Future of Startups

Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 3:00 – 3:38 PM UTC

Rapid and swift changes are wiping past expectations off the table for startups and their founders. Who you are as a leader now will determine who chooses to be a client/customer, as well as the talent you can secure for your teams at every stage of growth. We bring you the UK COO of Lead 50/50 who shares how those leadership dynamics changed from 2020 forward.

About this event

If you had asked anyone pre-2020 what would be the rate of change for leadership and how future clients/customers made their buying decisions, we all would have gotten that conversation wrong.

Now that we've gone through this global change together, we are both closer together on possibilities and further apart of challenges for startups, entrepreneurs, and communities. 

Gotta respect the tension of decisions.

This month we are bringing a voice from across the pond, Ella Tyler, COO, Lead5050 whose mission is to help organizations close their gender pay gap.

You'd think since startups tend to be younger-focused and led businesses this would be a topic that is not necessary to discuss. Like our pre-post-pandemic conversations, we'd have missed that mark.

We're discussing with Ella how businesses are able to look across a wider span of data (than the biased assumptions that tend to hold sway in the space of change inside companies) helping organizations close their gender pay gap.

Join us and explore where are your opportunities to grow your businesses so that today's and tomorrow's customers want to do business with you and your solution.

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