PRACTICAL AI Ethics for Startups

Tuesday, September 19, 2023, 4:30 – 5:00 PM UTC

AI is only as unbiased as the people building it. Join Laura Miller, AI ethics expert, to learn actionable ways startups can build responsible AI that is fair, transparent, and beneficial. Gain insights on avoiding pitfalls, understanding consequences, and putting ethics first when developing or using AI. This is a conversation giving you a practical guide to AI success.

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About this event

We're seeing it happen already in AI - 

  1. Discriminatory algorithms that reflect racial, gender, or other human biases
  2. Lack of accountability with AI systems cause harm
  3. Surveillance applications that erode civil liberties and privacy

Exactly why we wanted to bring on an Ethicist to discuss Practical AI Ethics for Startups: How to Make Better Choices and Understand the Consequences

In this session, Laura Miller,  MA will discuss:

  • Why considering ethics is crucial when implementing AI systems
  • How to make informed choices when developing or using AI
  • Understanding potential consequences and harm, especially to marginalized groups
  • Balancing benefits and costs - not just financial but societal
  • Actionable ways startups can build ethics into their AI workflow

If you're a startup working with AI, this is a chat you won't want to miss! Laura will provide practical guidance on building AI that is responsible, fair, transparent, and beneficial.

Date & Time: Tuesday, September 19th 11:30 AM CT

Seats are limited - RSVP now below to reserve your spot. 

We look forward to you listening with us as we talk with Laura!

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