Revolutionizing the Entrepreneurial Frontier: Unrigging the System

Dec 14, 2023, 5:30 – 6:00 PM

Join Karthik Soora in a pivotal dialogue, 'Unrigging the System,' redefining entrepreneurship by dismantling barriers and amplifying diverse voices with your vote. RSVP to get your listening link that ignites change from who you put into the Senate next!

Virtual event

About this event

Join us for an eye-opening event that challenges norms and drives impactful change with YOUR VOTE!

In an exclusive session, we're thrilled to host Karthik Soora, an entrepreneur and advocate, for a compelling dialogue on transforming our political landscape to empower startups and entrepreneurs. Karthik's insights, rooted in his experience at Rice University's startup accelerator and his advocacy journey, shed light on the urgent need for systemic change.

Uncover the essence of 'Unrigging the System,' a notion crucial for the thriving of innovative ventures. Karthik's impassioned vision addresses the critical nexus between Texas's political fabric and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, delving into the far-reaching implications of campaign finance, transparency, and inclusivity.

Together, let's explore:

  • Unveiling the Entrepreneurial Landscape: Navigating the challenges within the political framework.
  • Nurturing Innovation: Creating transparent spaces that foster growth and dismantle barriers.
  • Empowering Voices: Elevating diverse perspectives for a more inclusive entrepreneurial future.

This isn't just a discussion; it's a rallying call. Let's dive deep into reshaping the political narrative, ensuring every entrepreneur finds their voice amidst a transformative landscape. Be part of a conversation that sparks inspiration, ignites action, and sets the stage for a more equitable future.

Explore Karthik's platform and the values he is advocating:

  1. Unrigging the System
  2. Making Our Democracy Work
  3. Stop Gun Violence
  4. Defending Reproductive Freedom
  5. Lowering Health Care + Housing Costs
  6. Climate Change + Keeping the Lights On
  7. Y'all Means ALL LGBTQ+ Rights
  8. World Class Education for Our Kids
  9. Compassionate Immigration Reform
  10. Safe + Regulated Marijuana Usage
  11. People-Centered Transportation
  12. Flood Resilience: Building a Safer Houston
  13. Criminal Justice Reform
  14. Environmental Justice
  15. Defending Our Voting + Democracy Rights
  16. Stand Up For Peace + Human Rights

RSVP now and embark on a journey of collective action and meaningful change. Together, let's forge a path where innovation thrives and entrepreneurial dreams have no limits.

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  • Karthik Soora

    Soora for Senate


  • Michele Price

    Breakthrough Business Strategies

    Houston's Chapter Director

  • James Phelan

    Village Insights

    Partnership Director

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