The Houston - Hong Kong Startup Connection #SGFunding

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 10:00 – 11:00 PM UTC

The bridge between two vibrant startup ecosystems, Houston - Hong Kong helps Founders discover and develop their options for growth through expansion. Join us to learn how to navigate the unique differences and opportunities in both markets during this roundtable discussion.

About this event

April is #SGFunding month and that is a fabulous reason to bring together the minds to show you the value of doing business in both Houston and Hong Kong for your startup.

Houston is a bustling hub of startup activity and ranked No. 10 among the major U.S. metro areas with the highest rates of startup formation. On the other side of the globe, Hong Kong is ranked as No. 29 in the Global Startup Ecosystem 2020 Report by the Startup Genome and a leading international financial hub for sources of funding. With both cities booming as startup hotspots, how can Founders tap into the potential for growth in these markets?

Join us for this complimentary roundtable on Tuesday, April 20, and learn from experts in Houston and Hong Kong as we unravel the complexities of setting up operations from the perspective of a startup.

Date: Tuesday, April 20

Time: 5 pm Central Standard time | 6 am Hong Kong Time

Speakers: Michele Price, Director of Startup Grind Houston

Emeline Stout, CEO & Founder, Elastique Athletics

Serafina Lalany, V.P. Operations, HX - Houston Exponential

Thomas Wong, Founding Partner, CW CPA

Amrit Sethi, CMO, Ipseity Network

Ralph Chow, Regional Director Americas, HKTDC

Ticket: Free, RSVP to get an attendee’s link

Discussion Topics:

  1. What are the elements that make these cities attractive to startups?
  2. What types of government incentives and support are offered in each city?
  3. Sharing challenges, competition in the ASEAN region, and opportunities for growth.
  4. Why should I consider adding/moving operations overseas when the local market is flourishing?
  5. What are the industry sectors for startups that are robust in the region?

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