What If Blockchain Gave Content Creators Control, Wealth + Equity

Tuesday, March 8, 2022, 6:30 – 7:30 PM UTC

Yes, there is a LOT happening in Blockchain right now. No, you are not ready for Web3 - here’s why + what to do instead. Ask yourself - are you typically an Early Adopter or do you wait, no need there to be more stability in your choices? Join us for the dynamic conversation where we will show you the next best steps to figure out Web3 and blockchain business applications.

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About this event

If you are watching the media and observing a few celebrities giving you advice right now about Web3, all we can say is check your sources. 

We learned last month with our IP Attorney Kristen Roberts how asking who benefits from the advice given is one way to protect your assets.

If you missed last month's conversation on IP in the Web3 world and NFTs, you are in for a surprise as we dive further into the future as we explore the blockchain and content creators.

  • Is the Web3 space volatile - YES
  • Is blockchain secure - Mostly
  • Is crypto fickle - Definitely

Will we find new solutions that could potentially change the world and generate a creator economy like we've never seen before- WE BELIEVE A LOT IS CHANGING!

That's why you will see us talking a lot about Web3 this year. We continue our commitment to bring you BOTH more women and Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian voices to our mics.

Michele invites you to join us on March 8, 12:30 PM CT as she uses her global business radio interview skills to into a conversation that will have you questioning everything you've learned so far about Blockchain and Web3.

She's specifically asked her colleague Jennifer Navarrete, an award-winning social media professional, 16-year veteran podcaster, and self-described blockchain enthusiast to take us behind the scenes of a world happening right now.

Blockchain and Content Creation

  1. What if blockchain gave people their voices back?
  2. What if we controlled our social profiles because of blockchain?
  3. What if blockchain protected our identity?

Bring your questions - we're ready for ya!

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