What's to Come in the Startup World, BOTH in Houston + Globally?

Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 9:30 – 10:15 PM UTC

Reflecting from our community’s early-stage to NOW, how will we as a startup community focus on our next phases of growth in 2022 and beyond? What have we learned and what would we like to explore?

About this event

A distinct advantage observing Houston's startup community growth has been through the lenses that Michele Price and James Phelan see it - and we see a lot!

Michele’s experience as a lifelong, indigenous entrepreneur offers practical wisdom and expertise. She evolved strong leadership skills and communications practices across multiple industries and arenas. Her finger is on the pulse of change alongside her ability to "see down the street” and often around corners delivering revolutionary results.

James has unique experiences and foci he brings to our table - an architectural and city planning lens, a military and logistics lens, a financial and venture lens, and the true spirit of a founder and mentor - creating new solutions and providing acute advice where gaps are observed and communicated.

Our goal for this conversation with you is to explore future leadership. Houston’s startup community is evolving and growing faster than ever. 

As the Startup Grind community has matured we’ve recognized the importance of representing all voices. 

How can we encourage you to share your thoughts and insights with us?

We’re facing a lot. 

We’d love to invite you to the table.

Here are the three questions we recently asked founders/investors who’ve sat in the SG-HOU chair:

  1. Think back 10 years - it's 2011, the early years of Houston's Startup community. What are some of the events, actions, or startups you think had an impact on our growth?
  2. Today we're finally receiving some media/PR and of course, a lot has changed. What are our opportunities right now as you see it?
  3. Thinking about the significant changes in both the workforce and supply chains, when thinking about Houston's strengths, what are our opportunities to continue a growth momentum?

How would you answer?

Join Michele and James at the SG-HOU table next Tuesday, December 14 - 3:30 pm

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