Women's History Month AND Beyond - Houston Shifts to Support Female Entrepreneurs and Startups

Mar 22, 2021, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

During times of significant change, both individuals and organizations start to reexamine their purpose, roles, and meanings. Houston is doing the same and announcing a momentous shift in their vision and mission for who we serve. We are creating something new, never-done, and needed in the Startup Grind community. Join us and share what you'd like to experience in 2021.

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About this event

ANNOUNCING - We're bringing Kim Roxie back!

Take 20 seconds to BOTH check out the changes we're making in our chapter AND below that, we're adding our event/conversation details.


To create a community and space where we serve womxn entrepreneurs & startups exclusively.

We want more than to be a part of "the mix" of things, fire-side chats & panels.

We want this to be where womxn come to reconnect, recalibrate. and renourish in this fascinating journey of entrepreneurship.

We care about living the StartupGrind's values with a specific lens - womxn - period.

This is new.

This has not been done yet.

We're gonna get some stuff right...

We're gonna get some stuff wrong...

Our goal is not perfection, it's making a difference, as well as a profit.

Our goal is to build our own table that focuses on decolonizing our minds and our businesses.

Our goal is to build a world where equity and prosperity are considered normal.

We have the choice, less hustle, and more alignment.

We have the choice, redefining success to build businesses from our vision & values.

We have the choice, to slow down to integrate the changes we're making.

Our first step is to learn WITH you...what is important for you now and in the near future?

We have some ideas and YET, this isn't about our ideas, it's about creating together.

Tell us who you want to BOTH - work with and learn with.

Tell us what are you seeing BOTH -  what you want more and less of.

Tell us how you want BOTH - to interact here online and receive support (from us or your community members).

We've created a google form <<<click to start that conversation.

What we've learned over the 6 going on 7 years we've been a chapter is timing is everything. The time has finally arrived where making this move makes sense.

Will you join us!

Monday, March 22 at 1 PM Central we are going to hold one of Michele's newly infamous "Candid Conversations in 30 Minutes" over on Clubhouse.

We appreciate you joining us and helping us at the start of something BRAND new for our chapter and the community we are nurturing this year.

Kim and I will be talking about what we've seen change in the few years since she was on our #SGWomen's stage.

  • How more women are moving forward with their startups/businesses.
  • Where women are becoming VCs and building new organizations and structures to help to fund.
  • What we see as opportunities for women showing up now and on the horizon.
  • Who is making waves and what this means for you.
  • Why we are making such a BIG move here in our chapter and what it means for women around the world and down the street.

We appreciate you when you RSVP so we can directly inform you of our events. We know you don't have to in order to join us at Clubhouse.

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  • Kim Roxie





  • Michele Price

    Breakthrough Business Strategies

    Human Behaviorist - Professional Speaker


  • Michele Price

    Breakthrough Business Strategies

    Houston's Chapter Director

  • James Phelan

    Village Insights

    Partnership Director

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