Blockchain 101: The Workshop

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***Early Bird Discount Deadline End August 15***

In August Startup Grind is focusing on Blockchain! #SGBLOCKCHAIN is our global initiative to teach Blockchain fundamentals and educate people about the use cases built on the top of this new technology.

Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that can be used to enable peer-to-peer transaction of anything of value including assets, property, and contracts, using cryptography in lieu of trusted intermediaries Corporate executives, marketers, IT specialists, CEO’s, senior strategists and entrepreneurs who wish to fully understand their practical applications and opportunities should attend.

We will cover the following in the 4-hour session:

  • - What is Blockchain?
  • - What is CryptoCurrency (e.g. bitcoin) and how is it different than Blockchain?
  • - Cryptography, Asymmetric Encryption, and block hashes
  • - How block-hashes are used in Blockchain
  • - Smart Contracts, DAOs and DACs
  • - Blockchain through generations (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0)
  • - Common Use cases and limitations of Blockchain



Friday, Aug 31
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM (PKT)


National Incubation Center
Plot 24-B, Street #6, First Floor, National Information Technology Board, H-9/1 Islamabad44000

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