Yevgen Sysoyev (AVentures)

Aroma - Mechnikova, 3 Kyiv, 01025 Kyiv
Mon, Aug 10, 2015, 4:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

AVentures Cofounder, Managing Partner, CEO Yevgen is a Board Member of number of IT companies among which are nuPSYS, VOX, Augmented Pixels, Jooble and DepositPhotos. He was selected as the most influential person in the Ukrainian Internet ecosystem during iForum 2014, becoming the #1 among professionals that had the most impact on Ukrainian high-tech sector and venture capital industry in 2013. Besides Yevgen is one of the creators of “Innovative Ukraine” project, that aims to facilitate the growth and development of high tech and IT sector in Ukraine. He is on the Supervisory Board Members of the BrainBasket Foundation, an organization that aims to improve the  IT education in Ukraine. Yevgen is fluent in GBEnglish DEGerman RURussian UAUkrainian and speaks conversational ESSpanish.



Monday, Aug 10
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EEST)


Mechnikova, 3
01025 Kyiv

Mechnikova, 3 Kyiv01025

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