Polina MONTANO [Jobtoday]

May 10, 2017 / 12:30 PM

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Polina Montano is the Co-Founder and COO of Job Today, a revolutionary job hiring app.

At Startup Grind we’re constantly asked how we face the challenge of the gender gap in our communities and what we’re doing to make our events more inclusive of women. Startup houses and co-working spaces want to know how they can create an environment more inviting and appealing to women, attendees ask how we get female entrepreneurs to speak, and so on. There is no easy answer to all of this, but what we do know is incredible female entrepreneurs are EVERYWHERE. Still, while women are starting companies at 1.5 times the national average, they are consistently poorly represented in tech, accelerators, co-working spaces and startup events around the world.

So for a third year in a row we're facing that challenge head on. As part of that commitment to see change within our brand and our global community, we're dedicating the month of May to our campaign for female entrepreneurship. As of today, we’re proud to announce that over 75% of our chapters will host a female speaker at their May events. That's over 100 events in over 40 countries featuring the stories of super impressive female entrepreneurs. We're working toward making this a regular occurrence, but we've still got work to do.

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Polina FROLOVA-MONTANO (Jobtoday)



Previously running franchises in Luxembourg including those in the luxury fashion and oil businesses, Polina has always been an entrepreneur with a hunger to help and lead small businesses. With a BBA in International Business and Languages and a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation under her belt, she went on to set up Job Today alongside her partner, Eugene Mizin in 2015. Now functioning in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Brighton, Job Today aims to help people around the world get jobs quickly and easily. Backed by Accel Felix Capital and Mangrove Capital Partners, Job Today has raised a significant amount of venture capital to fun its start-up business. Standing as a spokeswoman for females in the industry, Polina regularly contributes to relevant topics around the world, fuelled by her fluency in English, Dutch, Russian, Italian, French and Spanish.

Date and Time
May 10, 2017
12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
ICT Spring [powered by Luxfuturelab]
European Convention Center, 2, place d el'europe
1499, 1118
12:30 pm Registration
12:45 pm Fireside Chat
1:30 pm Networking

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