Workshop - Working Backwards (Presented by AWS)

Tue, Apr 14, 2020, 1:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

In this workshop, you'll learn the Working Backwards approach to customer-centric innovation and strategy, used by Amazon for every new feature and product they create.

It enables you to align your ideas with customer needs, create a realistic go-to-market plan, test with real customers before creating an MVP, gain buy-in from management, and align cross-functional teams for execution, all without needing design, presentation or software development skills.

You'll learn:

How to keep the customer experience in the forefront of your own mind

How to write an idea down so that anyone can understand what it means from a customer perspective

How to use this document to collaborate with others to improve the idea, gaining alignment and buy-in at the same time

How to take an idea through the next steps to get investment signoff, execute and launch

This webinar is aimed at anyone involved in the new product development process. Not only Product Managers and Marketers, but people from Sales , R&D, Marketing, Customer Service and Operations as well as those managers and finance teams involved in making investment decisions will benefit because this course gives them the tools to be able to express ideas in a way which drives the right business conversations, and can generate buy-in and alignment without dedicating themselves full time to product innovation.

You'll get a re-usable document template and a brief how-to, as well as discounts for coaching and training for your company.

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  • Richard RUSSELL

    Richard RUSSELL

    Russell and Comoany


    Richard Russell, Founder of Working Backwards (I help business leaders create alignment and focus by starting from the customer and working backwards)

    Richard Russell has worked as a Senior Manager for two years at Amazon Luxembourg as well as six years at Google and three at Deutsche Bank in London. He has also spent five years in the startup ecosystem, including as a coach for Luxinn...

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    Tuesday, Apr 14
    1:00 PM - 1:45 PM (CEST)

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