Neva Talladen and Angeline Viray

_GALLERY at ASPACE Greenbelt - 5F 110 Legazpi St, Legazpi Village Makati City, 1229 Manila
Wed, May 31, 2017, 6:00 PM (GMT+8)

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Neva started her career as a writer, but found she had a real knack for building things. She dove headfirst into her own social enterprise for women, closed it down after seven years, then tried her hand in Operations for an outsourcing startup, helping grow a team of 35 to a thousand within one year.

From her experience with startup clients, she became enamored with tech, obsessed with using it as a force for good. She swooped into real estate, focusing on automation, training alongside the Swoop Advocates to deliver the best customer experience in the industry.

But the one job Neva really wants to keep forever is being a lifelong learner, constantly seeking and testing ideas, and exchanging thoughts with a diverse group of experts in their fields.

Angeline is the Founder and CEO of Beep a Ride, the first and largest peer-to-peer car sharing/car rental platform in the Philippines, where you can have instant car access in a beep. She founded Beep a Ride to aid in solving the country's transportation access issues and sustainable income issues for middle class citizens.

She is a licensed Chemist by study (University of Santo Tomas), a User Experience (UX) Architect and Designer by profession, and a Startup Founder and Entrepreneur by choice. She is a community-builder who has a knack for idea generation 24/7 and a heart for noble causes.

On her spare time, she plays video games, acquires new skills, and volunteers for various causes that she advocates on (e.g. UX, VR/AR/MR, Cancer). Her mission in life is to have a lasting impact in the society by helping those who cannot help themselves. She regularly volunteers as a resource speaker in various startup workshops all over the Philippines teaching college students entrepreneurship and user experience design.


  • Neva Talladen

    Neva Talladen


    Neva is the Founder of a locally grown Startup called Swoop

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    Wednesday, May 31
    6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (+08)


    _GALLERY at ASPACE Greenbelt
    5F 110 Legazpi St, Legazpi Village Makati City1229

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