We are Hosting a Fireside Chat with a Little Maryam (CEO Life of Giving)

Sunday, December 20, 2020, 4:00 – 4:50 PM UTC

In this Session we will be exploring the Journey of Little Maryam who kept herself Inspired & Motivated after certain Life Changing events. RSVP to Support & Cheer her

About this event

 Startup Grind Sahiwal is Hosting this session in Collaboration with Startup Grind Multan


Miss Maryam is From Multan, Pakistan.She is currently studying in USA.Being a social worker and a blogger by passion.

Who is she ?

  • Blogger
  • Vlogger
  • Social Influencer
  • Social Activist
  • Public Speaker
  • Content Writer

Set of Skills/Strengths/WorkExperience.

  • Social Media Activist(Different organizations serving social causes)
  • Executive Assistant
  • Director HR
  • Director Professional Development
  • Campaign Leader
  • Content Writer
  • Social Worker with a unique understanding of issues like Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Disability, Youth Empowerment and Capacity Building.

Organization Introduction:

  • Vice President at International Friends Program in USA.
  • Director Fund raising at Muslim Student Association USA.
  • Team member a Pakistan Student Association USA.
  • Direct Professional Development of YIC
  • Team member at AOT.
  • Director Media & Marketing at Blood Donation Society Pakistan.
  • Advisor to Chairman at Pakistan Smiling Youth.
  • Club Secretary at International lions club.
  • Executive member of WisdOn Network.
  • Former Executive member of Grow Pakistan
  • Former Central Director Social Media of Global Youth Association

RSVP to Support & Cheer her contributions towards the Society. She has an amazing life Journey & Success stories to Share so Stay Tuned. 

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