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Aug 29, 2023, 11:00 PM – Aug 30, 2023, 12:00 AM

As we celebrate our wins, we will again offer imperative entrepreneurial stories. Join us in reflecting on the experience. They will normalize, inspire, and ignite you in your entrepreneurial journey. The Entrepreneur Experience panelist are Chris Burns, Co-Founder, Lux Level Media, Jane Pilger, CEO of Jane Pilger Coaching, and LauraAura, CEO of Worx & Co.

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About this event

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Join us in reflecting on the experience. Three Entrepreneurs come to share their personal stories. They will normalize, inspire, and ignite you in your entrepreneurial journey. The Entrepreneur Experience panelist are Chris Burns, Co-Founder, Lux Level Media, Jane Pilger, CEO of Jane Pilger Coaching, and LauraAura, CEO of Worx & Co.

Check out the bios of the Entrepreneurs for August.

Chris Burns is a marketing consultant. 

I help businesses differentiate themselves and stand out in a crowded field. My approach…….. make things simple and easy. I’ll make it so easy, you’ll be excited to manage your own social media. And, because you’ll be generating results, it’s gonna be fun.

I love digital marketing and I’d love to teach you how to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts.

I have an uncommon and honest approach. I don’t make any crazy, unrealistic guarantees. My client process starts by creating a recipe unique to your business and your goals. I take ample time for 1-to-1 coaching, I hold my client accountable, give them homework and I don’t stop until they achieve results.

I guarantee results but it all depends on your work ethic. I believe that if I succeed, you succeed.

What are you waiting for? You’re ready and it’s time to achieve big results.

Jane Pilger empowers women who feel out of control around food to develop food freedom and body trust. She helps women who have been struggling, often for decades, to find the missing link to go from fighting with their bodies to working with them.

Whether you are a binge eater, someone who doesn't trust themselves with certain foods, or someone who just doesn't understand why they behave the way they do sometimes, she's got you. She will teach you how to understand your behavior, how to develop trust with yourself and how to cultivate the safety that you need to navigate life. Her approach is rooted in the science of the brain and body, trauma informed, and filled with compassion.

Jane's other passions include spending time with family and friends, triathlon training and racing, and planning the next adventure. She strives to make a difference in the lives of those around her while living a life of love, trust, adventure and growth.

​​LauraAura is an Alignment Coach for female entrepreneurs and women who are craving more in life. She guides people to personal alignment by learning how to honor their energy and truly listen to what they want instead of what they’ve been taught they should.

Laura is the CEO of Worx & Co, an urban branding studio, the Host of The Gutsy Podcast, speaker, author, and all-around visionary.

The Gutsy Podcast has been downloaded over 55k times in 115 countries. Each week, Laura empowers women in business and in transition by humanizing feelings, encouraging individualism, and unraveling the “shoulds” that keep so many people stuck for decades.

She’ll be the first person to push you out of your comfort zone and the last to hug you as you head to the next level of your life. Her energy is contagious – an Aura – and if you’re up for the challenge, she just might trick you into believing in yourself.


6 PM CST         Friendship Making/ Networking

6:15 PM CST     Introductions

6:20 PM CST    Panel Discussion

6:55 PM CST    Closing Remarks

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  • LauraAura

    Worx & Co


  • Chris Burns

    Lux Level Media


  • Jane Pilger

    Jane Pilger Coaching



  • Erica Kesse

    Your Goal Concierge, Inc

    Chapter Director

  • Tiara Briscoe

    T Briscoe Consulting

    Chapter Co-Director

  • Chrys Callaway

    From Acire to Chrys

    Youth Ambassador

  • Abby Williams

    Queendom Empire


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