Panel Discussion on Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 12:00 – 1:00 AM UTC

We are celebrating #sgwomen and #mentalhealthawareness Month with a series. We will end with an informative panel discussion on Mental Health and Entrepreneurship from the prospective of 5 individuals; Dr. Dangerfield, Martha Kirby, Carrie Bock, & Carlos Partee. Join us as we explore two vital inquiries; a story of transformation as an entrepreneur and ways to care for mental health.

About this event

Dr. Dangerfield noted on May 19th, during our kickoff session, for Mental Health Awareness Month Celebration Series, mental health is something that we all have. Mental well-being practices such as journaling, meditation, speaking to a therapist, spending time with yourself, etc. are all things that we should do to care for our Mental Health. We can have these practices without fear and it does not mean that we have a mental illness, to be diagnosed with a particular condition.

This is our last event. We have an incredible panel of individuals, who will be serving on the panel. Martha Kirby, Carrie Bock, Carlos Partee, Dr. Dangerfield as well as your Nashville Startup Grind Director, Erica Kesse.

Dr Dangerfield and Erica will facilitate the discussion as well as participate in addressing vital inquiries regarding Mental Health. We will explore the transformation story of each person on the panel and we will ask them to share how they care for their Mental Health.

Please see below for Bio information regarding each one of the people who will be on our panel.

Martha Kirby is a passionate about helping professionals heal their body/mind/spirit by relaxing your thoughts and space, while aligning your energy and charkas.

As a Reiki practitioner, meditation/breath work teacher, shadow work and inner child facilitator she helps them get to the root of their symptoms and/or triggers, releasing energetic & emotional blocks, smashing limiting beliefs, and giving them the tools to create and enjoy the life they truly desire.

She is a proud military veteran, having served in the United States Army for 26 years. Currently, Martha is the owner of Marta Naturals Reiki and Wellness.

Carrie Bock, LPC-MHSP started her counseling career working with children who had severe emotional and behavioral challenges. This quickly led to developing a greater understanding of the need for trauma informed care. Carrie became trained in several evidence based trauma practices such as Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).Carrie left working solely with children to join a group practice in 2015. She started By The Well Counseling in 2017. Even though she now works with older teens and adults, she is still helping clients work through trauma wounds they experienced in childhood. Carrie chose to continue her training in EMDR therapy to become an EMDR consultant in 2019. She now incorporates ego-state therapy in her practice, which has been even more helpful to clients with severe trauma histories or those who experience dissociation. Carrie transitioned to full time online therapy in 2020 as she saw the benefit of clients experiencing the comforts of their own home during the therapeutic process. This has also allowed Carrie to provide specialized services to clients across the state of Tennessee. Carrie started the Hope for Anxiety and OCD podcast in 2020 due to seeing a void of Christian self-help materials that combined spiritual and clinical mental health knowledge. Carrie interviews pastors, authors, professionals, and people who have found hope in their own mental health struggle. Social, Instagram: @hopeforanxietyandocdpodcast, Facebook:

Carlos Partee, Entrepreneur, Creative Consultant and Educator.

Co-founder of the Nashville Black Market, Owner of Cashvilleetc and Partee food and beverage.

Born and raised in North Nashville, Carlos Partee is an entrepreneur, creative consultant and educator. In just the last five years, Carlos has founded three flourishing businesses, which are The Nashville Black Market (ecosystem for black businesses to translate their products); Cashvilleetc (a clothing brand that tells Nashville’s forgotten story through merchandise, media and events); Partee Food and Beverage (locally sourced, organic hand batched loose leaf tea company).

Carlos is also a community leader serving on the Jr board of Corner to corner and also volunteering for other community organizations.

We are so excited to have them. Please join us on May 31st at 7:00 p.m. for our panel discussion.


7:00 PM CST —Networking and Introductions

7:15 PM CST— Panel discussion

7:50 PM CST — Announcements

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