Tap Into Your Queen Energy

Dec 2, 2023, 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Immerse yourself in a regal experience of empowerment with the gracious invitation from Queenie & Kesse to a distinguished Women's Business Summit on December 2, 2023. This summit exudes an air of elegance, unfolding its grandeur from 9 AM to 12 PM PST—an exquisite three-hour tribute to the queens of entrepreneurship.

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About this event

Welcome to a Royal Experience

Immerse yourself in a regal experience of empowerment with the gracious invitation from Queenie & Kesse to a distinguished Women's Business Summit on December 2, 2023. This summit exudes an air of elegance, unfolding its grandeur from 9 AM to 12 PM PST—an exquisite three-hour tribute to the queens of entrepreneurship.

Join for a moment for formidable Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to come together. This is not a pause signifying weakness, but rather a gesture of regal wisdom. In the sanctum of this summit, royalty transcends mere title; it embodies an ethos, mandating the sovereign act of resting, resetting, reflecting, and remembering the formidable power within.

Embark on a majstic journey as five distinguished Speakers grace the virtual stage, shedding light on imperative topics that resonate with the essence of a royal entrepreneur. Delve into the art of Designing your Life, master the courtly dance of Networking, leave an indelible mark with the brush of Personal Branding, and unlock the secrets to Manifesting Abundance. Aligning with your Design, Thrive Planning, promises to be the jewel in the crown of this intellectual coronation.

Seize these three hours not as a hiatus, but as a summit—a vantage point from which queens strategize and fortify their empires. As the year draws its curtains, recognize that this summit is not merely an event; it is a royal decree—an investiture into a powerful new year.

Prepare your regalia, secure your throne, and grace us with your presence in this resplendent rendezvous. Your impact is inevitable, and your place of distinction awaits. The throne is ready for its queen, and the summit calls forth the royal essence within you.


Erica Kesse - Host and Thrive Planning


Erica Kesse is a transformational leader, known as the Leaders’ Healer and Founder of Your Goal Concierge, Inc. Her mission is to partner in movement towards a better future. With a passion for personal growth and development, Erica and her team provide a Person-Centered and Integrative Approach, offering safety, support, and enhancement to leaders.

With over two decades of experience as an Educator and Facilitator, Erica's expertise spans various domains. She is a multifaceted Leader, Coach, Consultant, Therapist, and Author. Merging her degrees in Business Administration, Mental Health Counseling, and Leadership, she offers Strategy Sessions, Business Execution Coaching, and Fractional COO services through an exclusive, nurturing, and knowledgeable experience.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Erica is a devoted mother to her 12-year-old daughter. She embraces homeschooling and finds joy in exploring new things, traveling, and unleashing her creativity.

For more insights and to connect with Erica, visit www.yourgoalconcierge.com 


Queenie Donaldson- Networking and Relationship Building


Queenie Donaldson is a businesswoman, networking guru and infopreneur. While pursuing her passion as a talent executive and producer, she also made a career of securing celebrity talent for some of the most high-profile entertainment events in the industry. With a clear understanding of pop culture, Queenie keeps her finger on the pulse of the entertainment industry.

Queenie is the founder and CEO of Queens Entertainment Group, Inc. (QEG), launched in 2004. Based in Los Angeles, QEG is a global, woman-owned, all-inclusive small business, offering a wide spectrum of services, including A-list celebrity talent booking, celebrity influencer partnerships, production, and entertainment consulting and coaching. A consummate professional, her reputation affords QEG a valuable network of contacts that is beneficial to serving the needs of her clients.

For more than a decade, Queenie has quietly worked behind the scenes as one of the most sought-after celebrity talent producers for various networks and production companies, such as BET, TV-One, VH-1, OWN,Showtime, A&E, We TV (owned by AMC Networks), Viceland as well as Telepictures – just to name a few.

She has also been the industry’s go-to woman for more than 50 of Hollywood’s most elite and luxury live events, global music festivals, celebrity private events, broadcast award shows, blockbuster movie premieres and national broadcast events.


Allison McFarlane- Personal Branding


Meet Allison McFarlane, the remarkable founder and CEO of Allison McFarlane Inc., affectionately known as AMI. But she's not just a successful entrepreneur – she's a devoted daughter, a loving mother, and a true advocate for the power of hope, no matter the circumstances. In her multifaceted journey, Allison exemplifies the roles of a leader, a founder, and a dedicated community partner. Her story is one of resilience, compassion, and unwavering dedication to empowering women and nurturing growth.

Allison's passion for empowering women and fostering personal development reverberates through her life's work, leaving an enduring impact on all those she encounters. Her story is a testament to the transformative potential of leadership and advocacy, illuminating a path of empowerment for today and tomorrow. Join us in celebrating a woman who embodies strength, compassion, and inspiration and whose journey inspires us all.


Anya Vasquez- Manifesting Abundance


Anya Vasquez is an energy coach and your guide to practical spirituality. I help mompreneurs with inner healing so they can elevate their income, deeper their relationships and naturally heal on the way to their goals. Using Chaldean Numerology and traditional Chinese medicine I help you regenerate your energy, teach you how to process your emotions and rewire your subconscious.


Lauren Gale- Aligning with Your Design


Lauren Gale is a full time caregiver, medical coordinator & dementia support provider.

She also helps women and families achieve self-satisfaction, harmony & success, through the lens of Human Design, in life, love and business.

Founder of the Cozy Couch Community;

Self Care VillageVerse.

14 yr integrative Practice;

Clinical Hypnotherapy- CCHt

Professional Life Coach- CPC

Intuitive Human Design Guide

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  • Queenie Donaldson

    Queens Entertainment Group, Inc.


  • Allison McFarlane

    Allison McFarlane Inc.


  • Anya Vasquez

    Transformational Energy Accelerator


  • Lauren Gale

    LG3 Prosperity




Saturday, December 2, 2023
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


Plan to Thrive
Manifesting Abundance
Transition and Networking
Aligning With Your Design
Transition and Networking
Networking and Relationship Building
Transition and Networking
Personal Branding
Transition and Networking
Panel Discussion


  • Erica Kesse

    Your Goal Concierge, Inc

    Chapter Director

  • Tiara Briscoe

    T Briscoe Consulting

    Chapter Co-Director

  • Chrys Callaway

    From Acire to Chrys

    Youth Ambassador

  • Joy Thompson

    Marketing Ambassador

  • Abby Williams

    Queendom Empire


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