Do you have a Career Roadmap? Lost after graduation?

Saturday, June 24, 2023, 10:00 – 11:00 AM UTC

Feeling lost? Don't know where to start in your professional path? Feel that you are in the wrong university/ Major? Don't worry we have got your back. This event is made for you!!!!! Providing you with the ultimate guidelines to kick-starting your career path. The future is waiting for you, but the present doesn't, so START NOW

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About this event

Feeling trapped in your major?

Feeling lost in life after graduation?

Not sure which career is best for you? confused about the needed skills? source of learning?

We’ve got your back !

Get the needed answers with our speaker Soha M. El Baklawy , A founder | A consultant | A jury | a Board Member I a Director | A Mentor | A Trainer | A Strategy & Startup advisor | a DBA holder | Multiple  award winner nationally and internationally | Top 50 influential women “22.

Get to know the jobs of the future, identify which one works best for you, and know the essential skills to get there. 

The future is waiting for you, but the present doesn't, so START NOW

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  • Soha El Baklawy


    CEO & Founder


  • Ahmed Wael

    Startup Grind New Cairo

    Acting as a Chapter Director


  • Soha El Baklawy


    Chapter Director

  • Mai Osman

    Zigzag events

    Event manager

  • Ahmed Wael

    Operation specialist

  • Mahmoud El Faramawy

    Roaa Tech

    Business Developer