Building the Metaverse with Jay Lee (ZEPETO)

Thursday, March 17, 2022, 9:00 – 10:00 PM UTC

Get to know the multi-disciplinary entrepreneur who's pioneering Metaverse applications and drawing the attention of BTS and Gucci. Learn how he achieved unicorn status and is pushing 3D boundaries with more than 300M users.

About this event

On the heels of Startup Grind Web3 Month, we're excited to bring you Jungsuk Jay Lee -- former music producer turned entrepreneur -- currently the CEO of NAVER Z USA, the maker of ZEPETO, a mobile-first 3D Metaverse. 

He unfortunately didn't achieve international stardom as a producer (despite a good 7-year-long pursuit), but he has more than made up for it in business. So far in his career, Jay has experienced one IPO and two acquisitions in tech.

As a founder, co-founder, or a startup executive, Jay has been wearing multiple hats and has worked on various products from mobile games to computer vision applications to music-centric social media to AI-based music video editing tools. 

In early 2020, he turned his attention toward establishing and managing US operations of ZEPETO. Under his leadership, ZEPETO hit 20M monthly active users -- in less than 3 years (a feat that took Roblox 10 years to accomplish).

NAVER Z, the maker of ZEPETO, recently achieved unicorn status backed by the Softbank Vision Fund and other strategic partners, including the label/agencies of BTS and BLACKPINK.

When you join us on March 17, you'll learn exactly how Jay:

  • grew the business 8x YoY in valuation ($130M -> $1B), and 10x YoY in creator onboarding
  • manages a 3D metaverse platform with 300M users worldwide
  • puts marketing in users' hands with a huge social media presence (TikTok alone has 14B views on #zepeto)
  • secured the investor interest of top K-pop agencies/labels, including HYBE (of BTS), YG (of Blackpink), JYP (Itzy/Twice)
  • partners with brands like Gucci, Nike, Adidas, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Disney, and more​

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