How to Jump Start Your Community After Quarantine: Startup Grind NYC feat. Dan Butchko (Playcrafting)

New York City
Wed, Aug 18, 5:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

If there's one thing Dan Butchko knows, it's how to wrangle a community of gamers and game makers. 

As the Founder & CEO of Playcrafting -- a nationwide network of expert developers who create custom games -- he's been at the forefront of mobilizing his community to press the boundaries of technology and partnerships that have lead to the creation of over 90 video games and 100 videos for brands.

But while Dan's mission is to grow and amplifying brands through strategic partnerships and the "power of play," Playcrafting is also responsible for growing the game developer and fan community and keeping them engaged -- no matter what the world throws at them.

Join us to hear how Dan has managed to not only keep his community of creators plugged in, but how he's also helped them thrive through partnerships and activations that have included game launches at the Super Bowl!


  • Dan Butchko

    Dan Butchko


    Founder & CEO

    Dan is the Founder & CEO Playcrafting, a nationwide network of expert developers that creates custom games, produces exclusive events, and offers brands a partnership to harness the power of play. While growing and amplifying brands, Playcrafting also grows the game developer and fan community with more than 50 events per year.

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