Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Night with Carel de Jager & Stephen Larkin

African Beer Emporium @ 012CEntral - 367 Helen Joseph (Church) Street Pretoria, 0081 Pretoria
Tue, Aug 7, 2018, 6:00 PM (SAST)

About this event

Join us as we host a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Night with Carel de Jager (Blockchain Academy) & Stephen Larkin (Africa New Energies), the fireside chat will revolve around All Things Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.

We trying to remove the confusion and provide education to individuals and organisations, on how they can use the Blockchain technology to understand the benefits and opportunities that exist.

The goal is to get you up to speed with everything what's happening in the world of this new and exciting in Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency.

Carel de Jager began his career as a Chemical Engineer in the energy industry. He now works as a consultant for the Blockchain Academy, facilitating a wide range of blockchain related training courses and presentations. Through the academy, he also delivers customised, industry-specific training to audiences ranging from the inexperienced to executive level.

Carel is also a public speaker, where he often illustrates his ability to explain technical use cases for blockchain technology in a simple and practical way.

Stephen Larkin is an African innovation expert Stephen Larkin will detail how blockchain technology can tap the enormous potential of Africa. The continent has historically leapfrogged and iterated through necessity. Larkin believes blockchain and efficient funding through cryptocurrency will finally enable a mass leap over the schism of African development economics that can transform the continent for good. He has done the maths to prove it and worked with UN-affiliated NGO's, as well as African Governments, gathering immense real-world experience.

Larkin co-founded Africa New Energies in 2012 with a simple vision - to write an algorithm to find natural gas to generate electricity cheaply enough to give 630 million Africans affordable power for the first time.

He has experience running multiple companies, venture capital, raising funds and using crowdfunding and tax breaks in innovative ways.



Tuesday, Aug 7
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (SAST)


African Beer Emporium @ 012CEntral
367 Helen Joseph (Church) Street Pretoria0081

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