Personal Branding vs Business Branding with Raksha Mahabeer & Sandhya Singh founders of SummerTime

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Startup Grind Pretoria is proud to host Raksha Mahabeer & Sandhya Singh the founders of SummerTime

Join us as we host a Fireside chat featuring Raksha Mahabeer & Sandhya Singh the co-founders of SummerTime, as we explore the world of Branding.

Let's get educated, inspired and connected as we talk about all you ever wanted to know about Personal Branding vs Business Branding.

Personal Branding vs Business Branding

* What is branding?

* What is business branding?

* What is personal branding?

* What is a personal brand?

* Why all the hype about personal branding?

* Should I build a business or a personal brand?

* How To Build Your Personal Brand?

SummerTime was founded in 2007 as a design studio with the simple vision to make high level professional graphic design, brand development and marketing support services available to small businesses. Our intent was to help small, micro- and mid-sized enterprises express their offering in a compelling way and we focus our services on equipping SMMEs with the professional marketing tools they require to present a professional persona to their customers.



Tuesday, Jan 15
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (SAST)


African Beer Emporium @ 012CEntral
367 Helen Joseph (Church) Street Pretoria0081

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