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Dec 16, 2021, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

David Sime is a multi-award-winning AR and VR production manager with over twenty-two years of digital media experience, directs the immersive media agencies Oncor Reality, Riiot Digital and Riiot Health. He has delivered projects across five countries and twenty-five distinct industries and is a published author on the application of VR & AR in mental and physical healthcare.

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Fireside Chat

About this event

In this fireside chat session, along with David's life journey, we will get to know the passion which drives David to go beyond limits, to touch the peak and be a multi-award winner:

A man who has amassed countless awards for his work including in the past year along being the recipient of such prestigious awards as the 2019 Scottish Enterprise – Best Corporate VR Company, 2019 Corporate Vision Awards – Best UK 3D Modelling Project, 2019 Corporate Vision Awards – Best Renewable Energy VR Specialists, 2018 Scottish Enterprise Award – Best Video Production Company. But David is more than that – he is an impressive man on several fronts with an understated tone about him.

To educate the entrepreneurs, David will show visual case studies regarding the possibilities and opportunities in present and future of AR & VR. Furthermore, he will share what are his projects and the impact he is creating through his initiatives i.e.  Oncor  Reality, Riot Digital and Riot Health.

David is considered a Specialist in AR & VR because of his achievements and remarkable knowledge. We will try sharing this knowledge with viewers by discussing some of the hot topics of this industry like:
- AR as luxury or need
- Futures of AR & VR
- Implications of AR in the health and retail industry and much more.

In the meanwhile, if our audience has any queries then David will surely answer those.

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    Shumsy Group

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