How to deal with stress/anxiety in times of adversity with the Founder of Empowering Strategies!

Wed, Dec 9, 2020, 5:00 PM (PKT)

About this event

How to deal with Stress in the times of adversity

Time: 11 PM Melbourne | 5:00 PM Pakistan

In this Session, She will be Discussing steps to release a Stress in this Chaos of Covid-19.

Those days especially this year most people would be stressed, worried and are dealing with a lot of anxiety.

You may be wondering what does that mean for your life? How is this affecting my life and what can I do about?

The thing is, what we need to understand is when we are dealing with a lot of uncertainty in our life this is something that our human brain is not comfortable with.

The uncertainty triggers a lot of stress and anxiety.The thing is we struggle without having certainty.The moment there is no certainty, we engage in this unhelpful mental process that we call WORRY.Here's the thing, worry is a future mental process.It's our attempt to get some certainty when there is no certainty.In those moments we struggle and we try and work it out,

Then we start to think about all of the possible negative things that might happen.

And what does this do? Does it make us feel better?

No at all of course it doesn't, it actually makes us feel even worse. And do you know why? Its because We focus on all of the possible things that might go wrong. We're not doing it because we're silly, we're doing it, just because that's the way our brain is wired.We are wired to want to work it out.

Now! If this sounds like this is something you want to find out more then I invite you to join us where I will share with you even more insights and some tool that you can start using straight away.

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