Bridging Physical and Virtual worlds: Eric Liu, CTO, DIGITWIN

Jan 9, 2020, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

WeWork 7/F @ 686 Jiujiang Road, 686 Jiujiang Road, SHANGHAI, 200031

Join our discussion on Thursday, January 9th with Eric Liu, CTO at DIGITWIN Technologies. We will discuss how to upgrade Human-Computer Interactive Interface to "Three-Dimensional Digital Twin".

In-person event

About this event

Join our discussion on Thursday, January 9th with Eric Liu, CTO at DIGITWIN Technologies. We will discuss how to upgrade Human-Computer Interactive Interface to "Three-Dimensional Digital Twin".

我们有幸邀请到孪数科技的首席技术官 Eric Liu,在1月9日周四晚,一起探讨如何将人类与数字世界人机交互界面提升为三维数字孪生空间。

Eric graduated from the Computer Science department of the University of Maryland, College Park. With over 10 years of working experience in Silicon Valley at world renowned enterprises such as NVIDIA, his strong technical skills and business acumen in the field of real-time computer graphics allowed him to focus his energies on the largest marketing in the world, China. Eric is the Co-Founder and CTO of DIGITWIN Technologies.

Eric毕业于马里兰大学计算机系。拥有10年美国硅谷科技企业工作经历, 曾任职于英伟达 NVIDIA, 在计算机图形领域拥有强大的技术能力和商业经验,目前带着他的经验回到中国市场,是孪数联合创始人及科技首席技术官。

Time & Venue


WeWork 7/F @ 686 Jiujiang Road

WeWork7楼 九江路686号

1/09, Thursday, 7:00-9:00 PM

Early Bird ¥100,Door Ticket ¥150


(Light dinner, drinks and beer included


Event Agenda


7:00PM Networking, wine and light dinner


8:00PM Fireside Chat and Q&A


9:00PM Discussion and networking




Digitwin Technologies is a high-tech company dedicated to the field of real-time 3D simulation and human-computer interaction. Based on the deep integration of cutting-edge hardware, photo-realistic visual rendering, and the core capability of unlimited 3D scenarios, we combine AI, big data, and industry-specific data into 3D virtual spaces. This allows the latest sensor technologies as well as 5G to amplify high-quality virtual products for our customers in smart cities, aerospace, maritime, industrial manufacturing, education and training industries.




InnoSpace is a community for entrepreneurs and startups, providing effective incubation and open innovation services. It encompasses cube for startup incubation, labs for industry acceleration, college for talent development, club for connecting entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts, and funds for angel investment. As one of China’s pioneer ‘NewGenerationIncubator’, InnoSpace has nurtured close to 400 startups.




Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Innovation Center was solely invested and run by Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Development Corporation. As a business incubator, Innovation Center has committed itself to cultivating and supporting technology-intensive enterprises and promoting commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of scientific and technological achievements.


StartupCare is the first health benefit solution tailor-made for startups, entrepreneurs and their teams in China! Among the benefits: Premium Medical Insurance, Exclusive Health Benefit Programs, Virtual Health Assistant, Hospital Navigation, E-claim. Cooperating with Ping An Health, StartupCare created a 4 Super solution to help entrepreneurs attract, engage and energize talents at an affordable price (30%-50% less expensive than traditional premium medical insurance) Learn more at

菁晨提供国内首个专门为创业公司定制的高端健康保障方案,方案包括优质医疗保险、健康奖励机制、医疗机构智能推荐与导航、全天候AI虚拟健康助手、在线健康课堂、电子理赔等健康服务。菁晨在国内的保险合作伙伴为平安健康。菁晨方案有四大优势致力于帮助创业公司在合理的预算范围内 (比传统的高端医疗保险低30%-50%)更有效地吸引和激励人才,提升员工的参与度和满意度,最终实现公司效益的增长。




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WeWork Labs is WeWork’s global innovation platform powering the next generation of industry transformation by helping startups and corporations create the future. Through their in-house early-stage startup program, corporate innovation teams, and partnerships with universities, accelerators, incubators, and VCs, WeWork Labs builds and operates ecosystems of innovation around the world where creative ideas become scalable solutions.

WeWork Labs 是WeWork 的全球创新平台,致力于帮助企业和创业公司创造未来,助力下一代行业转型。通过我们的内部早期创业公司计划、企业创新团队,还有与大学、加速成长企业、创业孵化器和风险投资团队的合作关系,WeWork Labs 在全球范围内建立并运营着创新生态系统,让创意想法变成可伸缩的解决方案。

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  • Eric Liu





Thursday, January 9, 2020
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC


  • Erik Walenza-Slabe

    IoT ONE

    Chapter Founder/ Mentor

  • Marian Danko


  • Sunny Ting

    BI X (a part of Boehringer Ingelheim)


  • Mingai Zhu

    Chapter Director

  • Maxy Zou

    Core Team

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