China Startup Ecosystem Summit

About this event

What can you expect?

- Valuable insights from industry-leading experts

- The latest innovation trends

- Technology demos

- Startup pitches

- Engaging workshops

- Networking with corporate innovators, startups, community leaders & investors

- And More!

- 行业专家洞察

- 最新的创新趋势

- 技术演示

- 初创企业路演

- 干货工作坊

- 与企业创新者、初创企业、社区领袖和投资者建立联系

- 以及更多!

 Keynote Speakers 演讲嘉宾

崔 炜,松鼠 Ai 1对1联合创始人、首席科学家。<<麻省理工科技评论>>“35 岁以下科技创新者 35 人”, 国际AI学术会议IJCAI’20 产业主席,人工智能教育学术会议AIED’20创新主席,华人AI学术百人。曾任欧洲最大的人工智能教育机构RealizeIt 核心AI算法科学家,人工智能博士和博士后。

As an expert, Dr. Cui has a rich experience in the adaptive education industry with numerous scientific research achievements in artificial intelligence and big data. He had worked in top European adaptive education enterprise for many years, and was responsible for researching on adaptive learning algorithms and systems. His achievements in adaptive learning system had been popularized among European secondary and higher education market.

松鼠 Ai 1对1是国内第一家开发拥有自主知识产权的中小学人工智能自适应学习系统的AI教育独角兽企业,拥有MCM能力值训练、错因重构知识地图等多个全球首创AI应用技术。机器学习教父、CMU 计算机学院前任院长Tom Mitchell教授任首席AI科学家,与卡内基梅隆大学、 中科院自动化所成立AI教育联合实验室,与斯坦福国际研究院联合技术开发,在全国20多个省700多个市 县开设了2700多家线学习中心,估值11亿美金。

汪丛青先生是HTC中国区总裁,全面领导Vive / VR及智能手机的中国区业务。他同时也是拥有超300家成员企业的虚拟现实产业联盟的副理事长,以及汇集180亿美元可投资金的虚拟现实风投联盟的主席,并且主管Vive X加速器计划在北京、深圳和以色列特拉维夫的业务。

Mr. Graylin is the China President at HTC, leading all aspects of the Vive / VR and the Smartphone businesses in the region. He is also currently Vice-Chairman of the Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance with 300+ company members, President of the $18B Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance and oversees the Vive X VR Accelerators in Beijing, Shenzhen and Tel Aviv.

Workshop Hosts 工作坊嘉宾

Janice leads the innovation team in Porsche China, the single largest market of the Porsche group. In 2018, as Innovation team leader under the newly formed Strategy & Business Development Department, Janice kickstarted innovation in China by persuading management for the establishment of a local digital unit, and thus strengthening competence from sales and marketing to software development.

王祖耀先生是普华永道上海税务及商务咨询部的合伙人, 拥有超过十八年为众多初创企业、民营企业、跨国公司、国有企业和政府机构提供税务和商务咨询服务的经验。

Rock is a Partner in the Tax and Business Advisory Services division of the PwC Shanghai office with extensive professional service experiences for various start-ups, government authorities, multinational and domestic companies for more than 18 years.

郑思达是500 Startups的中国区负责人,代表500 Startups在中国寻找区块链、人工智能、跨境出海等领域的早期投资及孵化机会。500 Startups作为全球最知名的加速器和风险投资机构之一,在全球投资已投资2500多家创业公司。

Stella is the head of China from 500 Startups, which is one of the most active VCs in the world with more than 2500 portfolio companies. Stella has been working on behalf of 500 Startups to source deals from Blockchain, AI and cross-border sectors since 2017. As of 2019, she has invested in five startups(AISense, COCOS, Asiabiome, etc.)from China, and brought them into 500 Startups accelerator in San Francisco.

1-1 Legal Session 1对1法务咨询

嘉宾简介 About the host

喻劼律师是观韬中茂律师事务所上海办公室的合伙人,曾在美国Jones Day律师事务所的纽约办公室任职,并曾作为访问律师在英国Monckton Chambers律师事务所伦敦办公室工作。自2011年开始执业以来,喻劼律师专注于知识产权及竞争法领域的法律服务,包括知识产权及技术的交易与授权、争议解决以及合规。

Jay Yu is a Partner lawyer in Guantao’s Shanghai office. Before joining Guantao, Jay worked for Jones Day in its New York office, and was a visiting lawyer in Monckton Chambers in London. Since 2011, Jay has focused his legal practice in intellectual property rights and competition areas, including IP rights and technology transactions and licensing, dispute resolution and compliance.


Mr. Cheng Yang joined Guantao Shanghai Law Firm in 2017. Prior to that, he worked at a German based manufacturing group and was responsible for its legal, compliance and public relationship issues for Chinese market. Mr. Yang specializes in legal risk identification and risk controlling during corporate daily operation and project management.


Before joining Guantao, Mr. Tong worked for a European based global group company. As a member of Legal Counsels’ Circle of that group, Mr. Tong was in charge of all the legal issues for the group in China, and represent the group’s legal entity in China as Company Supervisor. Mr. Tong has focused his legal practice on intellectual property rights, culture and entertainment, and labor and employment areas since his practicing, and provided his clients with legal services on dispute resolution, commercial negotiation, and corporate governance.


Mr. Wang has focused his legal practice on intellectual property rights, culture and entertainment, and unfair competition areas since his practicing, and provided his clients with legal services on dispute resolution, commercial negotiation, and compliance. Mr. Wang maintains attention to high-tech fields, and has deep understanding in technologies and the relevant business logic.


Saturday, Sep 19
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM (CST)


IP Mall上海机遇中心
IP Mall, No. 398, West Nanjing Rd., Huangpu District, Shanghai Shanghai200000

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